Making a positive first impression feels more important than ever when you're looking for a job, and job seekers are always exhorted to put their best foot forward. We believe it's equally as important to impress our potential new team members!
With 19% of our Local Area Coordinators identifying as having a disability, it's even more important to ensure the first impression we make is welcoming and inclusive of employees with a disability. That begins with our recruitment and induction process. It's best to speak with people who have lived the experience, so we had a quick chat with James, a newly recruited Local Area Coordinator based in our ACT office, about his experience so far.
James has Scoliosis and a number of other conditions that require small workplace adjustments. He disclosed this when he first applied for a role with us and so our talent team were able to discuss this during the initial phone interview and make sure we could accommodate any adjustments he might require during the interview and induction process, and for the role itself. Many workplace adjustments are pre-approved, so the process is quick and fuss-free!
According to James, "The recruitment and induction process was fantastic. From the very beginning, there were considerations to cater for any needs related to my disability. Regarding induction, well I was involved in a wave that included so many compassionate and experienced individuals, with a tinge of eccentric humour to keep the whole experience constantly fun, which I guess resembles the Feros culture.  I felt there were no issues or barriers that I experienced. Throughout there were regular check-ins, and I knew I only had to speak up if I needed support."
James has been with us for three months, and things are going great — for everyone! He fits the role perfectly, and for him working at Feros is "...NEVER boring. Each day is full on with a variety of work tasks, and the best thing is I get the opportunity to meet so many participants and families and assist them to utilise the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in the best way possible."

Feros Care Team members enjoy a culture that is supportive, challenging and fun!
He continues, "The culture instilled within Feros of strong work ethic with an emphasis on fun, in a challenging environment, has certainly surprised me and made me so glad I have had an opportunity to work and learn within such an organisation."
Our process isn't complicated, and nor should it be. First impressions go both ways, and by focusing on the impression we make on potential team members, we're able to hire the best possible team!
Feros Care is a non-profit organisation based in Coolangatta, with offices around Australia. If you're interested in joining the Feros Care family, visit our website or contact our Talent Acquisition Team — 07 5669 0593, [email protected]

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