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NDIS videos for the CALD community

Getting the word out in the CALD Community – NDIS information and support videos

From working with various culturally and linguistically diverse community organisations in Adelaide, we understood that there was a crucial opportunity to share more information about the NDIS and the role of Local Area Coordinators.

Although the NDIS provides translated written information, the project marks a visual first for those from diverse backgrounds – as community leaders tell us that not all members have had the privilege of schooling and learning to read.  

We filmed videos in 15 languages through the help of seven multi-lingual Feros Care Local Area Coordinators (LACs), and CAASSA case workers, who provided voiceovers and translation support. 

The videos focus on the facts of what the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers, while debunking myths and misconceptions by circulating information in communities’ first languages.

With the aim of increasing access to the NDIS in the CALD community, the videos ask questions such as ‘who’s your Local Area Coordinator’? and go on to explain the process of pre-planning meetings and how LACs support people in connecting with services and their community. 

The languages are Vietnamese, Portuguese, Croatian, French, Zande, South Sudanese, Nepali, Kirundi, Arabic, Creole, Hindi, Punjabi, Bahasa Indonesian, Shona, and English.

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