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A collaborative initiative between Feros Care and stakeholders in the ACT aimed at promoting inclusivity in sports for people with disability.

Young adults laughing while running on a field with a football

This initiative brings together stakeholders, including disability advocacy groups, sports organisations, community leaders, and local authorities, to collaboratively find innovative ways to support people with disability lead active lives and foster community connections.

People with disability often face barriers to engage in sporting activities and miss out on the benefits that participation brings. This project aims to address those barriers collectively via a range of different activities.

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Illustration of person in wheelchair playing tennis, person with invisible disability spinning a basketball and a person with a prosthetic leg on top of ball.

Inclusive Sports Alliance Objectives

Active Lives

  • Encourage and enable people with disability to lead active and healthy lives through participation in sports
  • Break down barriers and create a more inclusive sports culture, allowing people with disability to fully participate in sport
  • Enhance the overall well-being and social participation of people with disability, ensuring they have equal access to the many benefits of sports participation

Community Connections

  • Promote accessible sports and create platforms for community engagement
  • Strengthen the social fabric and reduce social isolation experienced by some people with disability
  • Bring together various stakeholders, including disability advocacy groups, sports organisations, community leaders, and local authorities, to collaborate and find innovative ways to support people with disability

Key Initiatives

Collaboration, Capacity Building & Network Event

The alliance promotes collaboration among stakeholders to identify and address the unique challenges faced by people with disability in the sports domain. By fostering partnerships, sharing best practices, and conducting network events, the project aims to build the capacity of sports organisations and community groups to be more inclusive and accommodating of diverse abilities.

3 people playing a game of accessible hockey. The person in the middle is using his hockey stick to move a bigger than usual hockey ball.

Accessible Sport Resources

The project aims to develop a comprehensive hub of information and resources related to accessible sports. The Inclusive Sports Hub will be launched soon and will provide valuable guidance, including information on adaptive sports, inclusive facilities, training programs, and equipment tailored to different disabilities. By offering easily accessible information, people with disability can make informed decisions about the sports they want to participate in and find suitable avenues for engagement.

2 people playing a game of modified table tennis for vision impaired people, known as Swish.

Awareness Campaigns

Through various outreach activities, social media campaigns, and public events, the project aims to break down stigmas and misconceptions surrounding disability and sports. By challenging stereotypes and highlighting success stories, the project aims to inspire and encourage more people with disability to explore and embrace sporting opportunities.

Feros Care team member talking to person in a wheelchair in local parkland

Participant Stories

Inclusive stories from around the grounds

Inclusive Sports Hub - sport resources for everyone

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