Working in sponsorship with South Australia’s City of Playford Council, we have created a four-part video recipe series for people with disability.

The videos showcase simple steps and guided pictures to create delicious meals and snacks, all designed to help NDIS participants with intellectual and cognitive disabilities build skills and capacity in independent living, daily activities and social participation.  

Each video episode is very hands-on, showing our very own participants work through the recipes from start to finish, alongside Feros Care Community Development Coordinator, Carly Grose, and Local Area Coordinator, Sona Vaid. The videos showcase delicious recipes, including; Anzac biscuits, delicious smoothies, a perfect pizza, and an all-round favourite tacos. There are also some great options for those who may be lactose or gluten intolerant or vegetarian, developed by our very own Sona who has a background in nutrition and dietetics.

The video episodes are being rolled out in the coming months, like us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on new episodes.

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Then tune in to a new episode every four weeks:

  • Episode 1: Tacos with Matt on Thursday, 24 September
  • Episode 2: Anzac biscuits with Lisa on Sunday, 18 October
  • Episode 3: Smoothies with Kimberley on Thursday, 12 November
  • Episode 4: Pizza with Chris on Thursday, 10 December



Episode 1: Tacos with Matt

In this episode of Look 'n Cook, Matt shows us how to cook tacos, including the best order to place your ingredients for the most delicious outcome.



Episode 2: Anzac biscuits with Lisa

In this episode of Look 'n Cook, Lisa shares an easy-to-follow recipe for a family favourite - Anzac biscuits!


Episode 3: Smoothie with Kimberley

In this episode of Look 'n Cook, Kimberley shares her recipe for a watermelon and coconut smoothie. This fresh and delicious drink is perfect for the coming hot months.



Episode 4: Pizza with Chris

In this episode of Look 'n Cook, Chris shows us how to make delicious ham, cheese, and basil pizza.