Behind The Mask

Virtual art exhibition

I am both one of two

by Lyn Treloar

Me and Mine

by Tuscan Hall

In Pursuit of Simplicity

by Chantelle Lacroix

Mask of Courage

by Chooi Fei

My Magical Mask-arade

by Sophie Weaver

How times change

by Flora Hutton

Face to Face

by Jennifer Hamilton

D is for Disability

by Jennifer Hamilton

Fun behind the mask.

by Lydia DeGruchy

In my dreams

by Sally McIntyre

Living Behind A Mask Of Many Emotions

by Joe Chivers

Hidden Emotion

by Nalani Sumner

Queen Ulysses

by Holly Walton

Me and Mine

by Tuscan Hall

Girl Face

by Quinn Seikot

My Magical Mask-arade

by Sophie Weaver

Another galaxy

by Evelyn Cameron

I am both one of two

by Lyn Treloar

In Pursuit of Simplicity

by Chantelle Lacroix

Mask of Courage

by Chooi Fei

Darkness will Never Drown Out The Stars

by Laura Lewis

Curiosity is key

by Danielle Hodgson

Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

by Cailin Ashley

The Tiger

by Sarah Rowe

My inside is coming out

by Andrew Worthington


by Chad Menzies

Let’s be real

by Vanessa Briggs

A garden from within

by Anne Golding

Your Ours Or Mine

by Thomas Doyle

The News

by Thomas Doyle

See me for me

by Beau Walker

My Favourite Mask with Johno.

by Suzanne Whiteman

The Tree

by Zoe Armour

Not Everyone Can Stay Behind The Mask

by Suzanne Whiteman


by Lyn Treloar


by Figgy O Connell

Chaotic Loss of Self

by Figgy O Connell

Media Expectations

by Bianca Cave


by Chris Allen

Trick or treat?

by Garrett Beisler

Behind the Trees

by Shekinah Mynthan

Free from the Mask

by Melissa Prins


by Nicholas Carle

Covid coping – when the mask comes off.

by Roslyn Robinson


by Elice Gifford


by Harshini Sangeetha

The Bee Eater Queen

by Holly Walton

Behind the mask in Hospital

by Sean O’Leary

There Is Always Hope

by Nicole Haigh

Self Portrait

by Lisa Fantis

Red Leaf

by Oscar Wight

Leaves over Leaves

by Olivia Simmons

Rainbow Landscape

by Noah Pertini

Bipolar Tree

by Catherine Blackett

With Flying Colours

by Julius Tolcz

The Landscape

by Olivia Simmons

My soul shines through the distraction

by Catherine Worthington

Under The Electric Sky (Sydney Opera House)

by Lukas Pezerovic-Marta


by Jasmin Kim

Scary Mask

by Connor McBean


by Jess Morgan


by Luke Ward


by Rebecca Egan

Chris and Dave – Mask

by Garrett Beisler

Leaf over Landscape

by William Batty


by Sonya Mozsi

Earth’s Tear

by Toni Medew

Boxing Digital Art

by Vinh Nguyen

Fly Away

by Sharon Hanso

Emotional Healing

by Tracey Unthank

Ladybird At Work

by Olivia Brown

My Mask

by Lazarus Cicchiello

Honey Bee Nose Dive

by Olivia Brown

My Leaves

by William Mugge

Sad Face

by Sarah Britton

The Plant

by Corey Nemeth

The Robot with the Red Lips

by Rosa Curciarelle

A Tribute To The Masters

by Hannah Dalton

Mask up ‘N Party on!

by Sophie Weaver


by Kate Fairbairn

Mask Collage

by Charles Mahoney


by Hannah Dalton


by Sangeetha

All Eyes On You

by Clare Hooper

The Golden Mask

by Nyulla Safi


by Paul Gray

The Masked Man

by Greg Brennan

Trees of colour

by Dion Lee

My Mask Is Me

by Lisa Caruana


by Lillee Wakefield

The Many Faces of One

by Lylaan Crous


by Frances Scott

Wrestlemania 37

by Jackson Reid

Me and my masks

by Jacob Green

Pay Per View Wrestling

by Jackson Reid

WWE 2K22

by Jackson Reid

Different But Same

by Tegan Leahy

Mask on, mask off

by Ben Rowntree

Overcoming Shyness

by Kristy Burgess

කෝලම් නැටුම – Vesmuna

by Chamindi Warakagoda

Frida Kahlo

by Emilia Pezerovic-Marta

Muscle Memory

by Aneisha Schramm

Pride for Love is Love

by Emilie Evers

Face Shield

by Erin Tyler

The Savannah’s Home

by Aneka Gibson

Death Reaper

by Aaron Kennett


by Aneka Gibson

Films of the Mask

by Alexia Villa

Colourful Mask

by Rhys Iddon

The Mask I Wear

by Michael Simons

Mask Covy Duck

by Colin Ironside


by Edith Beak

Many Faces of a Mask

by Lily Bate

On The Water

by Garth Alamangos


by Lauren Wissam


by Elkah Quince


by Anonymous


by Anonymous

Different Colours of Many Faces

by Gregor Coleman

Good as Gold

by Anonymous


by Anthony Ray


by John Larcombe

Scumbling Quill

by Joshua Ramsey


by Anna Blinks

A look into my Imagination

by Adrian Kaletta

Simpsons Family Portrait CoVid 19

by Ben Hynes


by Daniel Burgess

Blending in

by Kamila Mercieca Lima

Behind My Wall

by Emma Megan Watkins

Hide and Seek

by Bradley Martin


by Brendan Morris


by Catherine Blackett

The Mask That We Present

by Leeann Coles


by Lindsay Vicary

Stars and Satellites

by Leon Brien

The smile that is the mask

by Nicholas Zrnic


by Melinda Cooper


by Julie Mcalpine

Inner turmoil

by Julie Mcalpine

My Soul

by Briety Dorahy

Russian Folk Culture

by Damien McDonnell

Finnegan Andrews

by Finnegan Andrews

The soul is a pearl

by Henry Beckett

orange and black

by Ashleigh Rushton

Are there ghosts

by Tim McNamara

Capitan Stretchy

by Blake McIntyre


by Maddison Hooper

The Anxious Pretender

by Poonam Shah

The light never hidden by the mask

by Alisha Tetley

I can fly

by Dakota Brewer

Leaping Frog

by Linda Thompson

Star Glaz

by Leo Valles

How I feel about death, and I’m not sad or happy

by Kelly Jones

The me inside

by Lorri Lambert

Hidden but still seen, 2021

by Megan Kamei

A person

by Shannon Brown


by Grace Dodd

The person behind

by Jennifer Evans

Behind the Mask

by Katie Rogers

State of origin

by Sarah Hookham

Barrier Reef Dive

by Fran Dix

The Purity of Choice

by Dean Pusell

Depression – Behind the Mask

by Vanessa Pedley-Smith


by Danielle Thorman

The Gathering

by Christina Sheers


by Christina Sheers

Looking at a Stranger

by Angela Morrissey

Putting On A Smile

by Cecilia Bell

Main Six

by Chel Brook

One Too Many Mornings

by John Mason

Leafy Butterfly

by Charlene Sultana

Famous Blue Raincoat

by John Mason

Graffitied Amtrak train in the sunset

by Christopher Hummel

More evens than odds

by Michelle Murtha

Prisoner of Society 2021

by Stuart Wilson

Hiding Under A Face

by Lucia Calaby


by Stuart Wilson

Ultimate Wellbeing

by Vijaya Sen

Expression and Health Protection

by Vijaya Sen

Paper Tiger

by Suresh Jeanel


by Suresh Jeanel

The Truth Behind The Mask

by Livonne Larkins

A Sweet Smile

by Livonne Larkins

Our Fur Baby And Me

by Robyn Best


by Michael Duke

Grounding My Mind

by Nikki Haigh

Summer Bouquet

by Judith Baker

Freedom Beyond The Mask

by Kerri Nolte

Mysteries of the Corvid

by Caleb Brown Close

Snood Cuddly Winter Scarf

by Penny Dutton

‘Hidden Fear’

by Billy Keates

Will I Am

by Will Hazzard

Now how can he smile with a face of all eyes

by Ashley Herrington

Its All Still In There

by Linda Himmelfarb

Friendly Face Too

by Lachlan Simpkins

The Owl

by Hope Page


by Hannah Dalton


by Hannah Dalton

Master Of Disguise

by Gabriela Snead

As Time Goes By The Old Queenslander

by Fran Dix

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