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I love seeing a big smile when I walk in the door. My clients make me really happy.

Emily H

Sunshine Coast
What do you love about your role?
Seeing a big smile when I walk in the door. I love spending time with my clients as they make me happy.
What do you do in your free time?
Go to the beach, have a boogie with my friends & spend time with my family. 
What's one thing you do to brighten a client's day?
Laughing and smiling lots - being happy brightens their day and makes them smile.
Share one great memory you have with a client.
Every time I visit one gentlemen he always gives me a big applause when I walk in the door and tells me how happy he is to see me. He puts a smile on my face every visit, the little things count the most and he brightens my day as much as I brighten his.
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To get approved for services, you need to register with the government's my aged care.

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