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General Life lover!


Melbourne West
What do you love about your role?
I like helping clients to stay independent within their home and local community. It is great to laugh with clients while supporting them with the specific needs.
What do you do in your free time?
I love hanging out in nature, visiting the ocean, hiking, music, food and keeping active. I love travel, am fascinated by culture; and enjoy a good laugh with friends and family.
What's one thing you do to brighten a client's day?
If I leave a visit knowing that both client and myself have smiled while providing care, then my mission is accomplished. Care, compassion and connection is my purpose.
Share one great memory you have with a client.
Honestly there are too many to write down! What I enjoy most about this role is that every day and every client is unique.
  • Languages: English
Confused about aged care?

To get approved for services, you need to register with the government's my aged care.

Hours: 7am - 6pm (AEST) Monday - Friday


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