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I love the people I get to meet and interact with.


Sunshine Coast
What do you love about your role?
The people I get to meet and interact with.
What do you do in your free time?
As little as possible or a full day of doing things, depends what needs to be done or has come up.
What's one thing you do to brighten a client's day?
When leaving say "See you… (tomorrow or the next time I'm there)".
Share one great memory you have with a client.
One recent memory was: I took a client for her weekly drive/walk and we ended up at the Bakery in Palmwoods. After getting our coffee and cake, she told me it was her husbands favourite place to come, an it was the anniversary of his death earlier in the week. The client thanked me for bringing her there, and was able to share lots of memories and fun times she had with her husband. I felt honoured and privileged to share this with her, and thanked the universe for getting us there.
  • Languages: English
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