Photo of Shelley
One of my clients has dementia and one morning she remembered my name. We cuddled and were both so chuffed!


What do you love about your role?
Putting a smile on the faces I visit on my daily services.
What do you do in your free time?
Spend quality time with my family, cooking and horse riding.
What's one thing you do to brighten a client's day?
Come in with a smile,  make them a cuppa and have a chat while I organise what we need for our visit.
Share one great memory you have with a client
A client has dementia and very rarely can remember names. Every morning I ask her if she can remember my name? She always reads my name and we laugh, I tell her she is cheating. One morning my name wasn't visible and I asked her the same question, she said "Shelley" we both laughed and cuddled. She was chuffed and so was I.
  • Languages: English
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To get approved for services, you need to register with the government's my aged care.

Hours: 7am - 6pm (AEST) Monday - Friday


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