At Feros providing genuine care is everything.  We choose our employees because they love working with seniors and see it as a privilege to do so. 

From our nursing, care staff to the positive living crew, hospitality to customer service, we’ve got fabulous, skilled and passionate people on our team. 

Here we give you the chance to find out a little bit more about them. 

  • Photo of William S.

    William S.

    “I love assisting people to stay in their homes as long as they are able. I believe this keeps them living happier and longer lives. ”
  • Photo of Christine I.

    Christine I.

    “My client tells me the highlight of the month for her is when we have coffee in a nice cafe and she can see all the people pass by.”
  • Photo of Debra B.

    Debra B.

    “I love meeting the clients and chatting with them.”
  • Photo of Irene A.

    Irene A.

    “I love helping people. I have been with the elderly since I was a child. ”
  • Photo of Adam B.

    Adam B.

    “Love the fact we are able to help people, to understand how lucky we are and have been in life. ”
  • Photo of Brooke D.

    Brooke D.

    “I love that everyday is different working out in the community and being able to possibly making someones day by just being there.”
  • Photo of Jillian W.

    Jillian W.

    “I enjoy the people I visit some are challenging and some are interesting.”
  • Photo of Katie


    “I enjoy helping people stay living in their own homes. ”
  • Photo of Emma G

    Emma G

    “I love being a community care worker because of the assistance & care I can bring to my clients. I like going home at the end of each day knowing I made someone else's day a little easier & brighter.”
  • Photo of Marlene T.

    Marlene T.

    “I have had lots of precious moments with my clients. ”
  • Photo of Janona T.

    Janona T.

    “I love getting to meet different clients and having the opportunity to share a day with them even if it's having a chat whilst assisting with their service, preparing meals together, listening to them tell their stories and seeing them laugh.”
  • Photo of Emma


    “I like doing the little things to make a positive difference in someone's life. ”
  • Photo of Donna


    “Over my time with Feros there has been wonderful memories of clients, everybody's been special and left an impression in my heart.”
  • Photo of Lisa


    “I have so many great memories with clients! Often it's the simple things like helping clients with their hobbies that makes their day. ”
  • Photo of Diane


    “I enjoy learning life's lessons through older, more experienced people while relating to them personally and providing daily support.”
  • Photo of Lorraine


    “Every day I create great new memories with my clients.”
  • Photo of Fatmata


    “I enjoy doing what the client likes doing.”
  • Photo of Lisa


    “I enjoy helping people achieve independence, and spending time with different people every day.”
  • Photo of Kaylyn


    “One great memory I have is taking a client on a social outing and walking around the nature reserve then having lunch by the lake.”
  • Photo of Jodi


    “Small things matter to people. It could be sewing the button back on their favourite shirt. Painting their finger nails or even just pulling the weeds out of the cracks in their footpath. ”