Our residential villages – located on the beautiful North Coast of NSW – are vibrant, friendly places.  They are designed so you can live the sort of life you want, with the level of genuine care and support you need.

Fun, energy and spontaneity are important to us.  The villages feature open spaces, garden access, private and communal areas, fresh food and social engagements.  Pets abound and visitors are welcome at all times.

Each village offers a different level of care in a relaxed, yet dignified, home environment.

We aim to foster your ability and independence as you embrace the next exciting chapter of your life.  Grow bold with us.

As you enter aged care, it's important that you familiarise yourself with your rights. The Charter of Aged Care Rights is designed to help you easily understand what you can expect from an aged care service. It will also provide the same rights to all consumers, regardless of the subsided care and services they receive. You will have the opportunity to sign this new Charter from 1 July onwards. To view the Chart, click here.

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