Wommin Bay Village has single bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and built in wardrobes. A bed, bedside table and sitting chair are provided however we actively encourage you to give the room a makeover.

Bring in as little or as much as you like. Change the curtains. Update the linen. Make room for that special piece of furniture you love.  It’s important you feel at home.  We want your personal space to reflect your taste, not ours.

Most bedrooms have a front and back door. The front door entry is via the house. The back door takes you into the garden and your personal terrace.  Every bedroom has its own aspect and outlook, with natural light and a spacious feel.

On the terrace there’s room for your plants, garden furniture or perhaps a bird bath.  If you’re a green thumb there’s a garden bed ready and waiting – both at your door and beyond - for you to work your magic.