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Free 12-week Telehealth program

Are you over the age of 65 and looking to improve your health?

Then the Healthy Life Program may be for you. Healthy Life is a free 12-week Telehealth program, helping you become more confident in monitoring and managing your health and well-being.

This virtual coaching program takes an innovative approach to empower you to self-manage your health condition, all from the comfort of your home. You will have access to a virtual care clinician, who will coach you to reach your well-being goals through vital sign monitoring, one-on-one coaching sessions, group healthy literacy sessions, access to our Virtual Social Centre, and more!

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Do you want to learn more about your health and get a better understanding so that you can be in control?

Or you want more continuous support to achieve your health goals?

Maybe you feel rushed when going to medical appointments and would like additional time with a health professional to discuss your health concerns and goals?

Here are some of the many benefits
of our Healthy Life Program:

  • gain a better understanding of your health and health conditions
  • understand the lifestyle factors that may affect your overall health and wellbeing
  • feel confident in managing your health conditions, with the support of your GP and health care professionals
  • save time travelling to appointments or waiting in waiting rooms
  • spend more time with our Telehealth Registered Nurses and get the support you need
  • obtain the ability to fit in a new healthy lifestyle for your positive ageing and longevity
  • feel more confident with senior-friendly health technology
  • participate in a safe environment from the comfort of your home
  • get assistance to secure ongoing services as your needs require
  • plus, so much more!

Who can participate?

To be eligible for the Healthy Life Program, you must be 65 years or over, and have one of the following:

  • An existing health condition;
  • A newly diagnosed condition;
  • Recently been in hospital;
  • A want to improve your health;
  • You’re a carer who would benefit from support to look after you own health.
Telehealth registered nurse on tablet screen and other health devices on table

Eligible seniors will receive:

Communication technologies to stay connected

Throughout the program, we’ll provide you with a tablet and an internet connection, which is needed to monitor your vitals and connect you with your Telehealth Registered Nurse.

Healthy Life Program Kit for accurate measurement

Our Healthy Life Program Kit includes all devices needed to measure your blood pressure, oxygen levels, blood sugar, temperature, and pulse.

Technology training to feel confident

We make sure you’ll receive face to face training, so you’ll feel get comfortable using the new technologies. No question is too much and we’re very patient.

Remote monitoring of vital signs & one-on-one coaching sessions to achieve your goals

Your results will be privately and securely transmitted to your dedicated Telehealth Registered Nurse. The results will be discussed at your 1:1 health coaching sessions, along with your health education and goals.

Group education sessions for optimal learning

You'll have access to group health literacy sessions. Here you will meet other supportive participants and together, learn about managing your health.

Access to the Virtual Social Centre to create meaningful connections

To enhance your wellbeing journey, you’ll receive unlimited access to our Virtual Social Centre (VSC), our vibrant online community. The VSC has a variety of online sessions that cover everything from health and wellness, to book clubs, arts and crafts, and so much more!

How much is it to participate?

Participating in our Healthy Life Program is free, and no additional charges apply.

This program is funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Program Innovation Fund.

For how long do I have access to the healthy life program?

This is a 12-week program in which you will have access to the simple technology you need, plus the regular check-ins with our Telehealth Registered Nurses during that time.

Photo of Lyn

Lyn, 82
says she has her life back

Healthy Life Program becomes life changer

Read how our Healthy Life Program empowered Lyn and changed her life.

Read Lyn's story

Photo of Erich and Edith

Erich, 88 & Edith, 90

“We loved the Healthy Life Program. Our nurse was really lovely and gave us peace of mind. We knew exactly what was going on with our health. Our nurse identified Edith has high blood pressure, and I was able to reduce my diabetes medication as an outcome of the program. My favourite part was that after all, I understood more about my diabetes and learned what affects it, so I am less tired and feel better.” Erich

Edith and Erich joined the 12-week program and were able to improve their health by adjusting their medication and understanding their bodies better.

Photo of Dorothy

Dorothy, 87

“I learned a lot of theory from the program, which now informs my choices.”

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