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[email protected] Family allows a family to look after their loved one remotely. It’s best suited to families who want that little bit more assurance, or to a senior whose needs are more advanced. The inclusion of sensors provides more comprehensive monitoring of a loved one’s behaviour, which in turn will help family members assess risks earlier and prevent accidents and unnecessary hospital visits.

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  • Base alarm unit with emergency button and powerful microphone and speaker that detects voice up to 50 metres
  • Door sensor for monitoring entries and exits
  • Two passive infrared sensors that pick up and track movement based on adaptable smart rules
  • 24/7 emergency response monitoring service to track behaviour and report to family members
  • Family access to app and web portal
  • Installation is easy – no wires, no drilling, and all peripherals are wireless. We install them locally, or can source an installer or provide instructions to family members if further away.

In the case of an emergency, our response centre can be notified by pressing the emergency button either on the unit, or on the pendant, or from a falls activation. One of our team members will communicate through the base unit to assess the situation, and call an ambulance to your home if necessary.

We are also able to help you set up rules on the device which will also notify our response centre. For example, our response centre can be notified when a door opens when it shouldn't, or sensors are not triggering enough or are triggered too much.


Product price
Buy outright
Administration fee and setup$160.00
Ongoing monitoring$10.60/week
Additional extras
Additional pendant$97.50
Additional fall detector$154.00
Additional passive infrared sensor$97.50
Additional door sensor$91.00
Key safe$50.00
Voice panic detector$154.00
Smoke detector$104.00
Flood detector$119.00

Please note: outright product purchase and product rental fees are GST free. All other products and services listed incur GST and are listed as GST inclusive. Orders typically incur a standard delivery fee of $15.00. Bulky orders may incur a larger delivery fee.

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