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Smart Home Modifications

At Feros Care, we can support you in making your life easier at home. We collaborate with you to automate things around your home, and make your life more comfortable, convenient, and give you peace of mind, enhancing your quality of life.

What is it a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is a dynamic home environment customised to suit your lifestyle and routines using emerging technologies that you can control with just your voice. 

Here are some of the many things you can do with your Smart Home:

  • control and automate devices all with your voice around the home, such as lights, TVs or vacuums
  • set alarms, medication and appointment reminders
  • create a shopping list that is directly sent out to a family member
  • ask Google about the time, even at night
  • use your voice to find out the latest news, weather, ASX listing or play your favourite music
  • find out recipes that match with what you have in your fridge
  • plus, so much more!
Photo of Technical Support Officer show client Google Nest Hub

What does the Smart Home Kit include?

Google Nest Max (controlling system)

Google Nest Mini (smart speaker)

Chromecast (TV equipment)

smart plugs

smart lighting

motion sensors

Additionally, you will receive up to two visits from our friendly Technical Support Officer to ensure your devices are set up and you feel comfortable with the new technologies.

Who’s eligible & what’s the cost?

For how long do I have access to the Smart Home devices?

Once we set up your Smart Home Kit, the technology is yours to keep! If you like, you can even expand your Smart Home device collection over time. Simply let us know, and we can support you in choosing devices that fit your individual needs best!

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