Everyone should have a Will. It can help lift the burden of difficult decisions and can help your loved-ones at a time when they may need it most. A Will sets out your intentions about what will happen with your assets and estate after you die. It ensures that your affairs are taken care of and that people you want or need to provide for after you die receive what you have left to them.

Changes in lifestyle, such as accepting at-home care or entering an aged care home, can affect the validity of your existing Will if you already have one.

Feros Care recommends that all care-recipients have an up-to-date Will prior to entering into a Residential Care or Care-Recipient Agreement.

Contact a solicitor for more information.

Feros Care is very aware of the need to look after your family first. Once you have done all you can to provide for your family in your Will, please consider including Feros Care in your will by making a Donation or Bequest.