I was born in 1932, so I’m pretty aged now. But I’ve still got a lot of strength and life in me yet. So I’m not about to go upstairs, not yet.

I had a wonderful mother and father. They loved horses. My sister, she’s 7 years older than me and she never communicated with animals, so we never had an understanding between us. But I loved her just the same. I was always the horse mad one. Horses became my life. I loved the horses so much; I had such a great time riding around with them. Not all horses, but you’ll get an odd one here or there, and they have a rapport with you, and they want to please you. Horses knew what I wanted before I even knew myself. I used to love the racing. It’s a funny thing, the horses love racing too. I used to hop on them bareback. Always felt I had such a closeness with the horse and anything the horse could do – I wanted to be part of it. Horses always understood me, whereas human beings didn’t. Going along on a horse, it’s a funny thing how you can lose yourself. And you feel as if you’re racing in heaven.

When I got married, he was a lovely man my husband, but he didn’t last long, God took him away. My two children, after taking a few breaths, they passed away. That hurt a lot. The horses replaced a lot of the hurt inside me. Horses seem to know when you’re sad. They’d walk up and they’d look at you with those big eyes and you could put your hand out to them and feel life inside of them. I’ve found the horses seemed to sense I was sad. They’ll move towards you just that little bit, and touch you just that little bit, and you feel they understand. I recommend anybody that needs to have a time when they can’t communicate with other humans, go to the animals, because horses and dogs will help to take that feeling away from you. That’s happened to me a number of times.

I believe that we meet up with certain people in our lifetime again. A lot of people don’t think there is a heaven, but by almighty God, believe me there is a heaven. Going back in time there was an accident, and they say I died. And I don’t say I didn’t die. But during that time, I suppose I could describe it as a wonderful crossing. When you’re in the crossing, you can sort of communicate with the dead, the past people who have been in my life. I know there is an afterlife. I know it’s very hard for the human soul and human nature to accept it.

You’re born on this earth. Don’t lose faith; many things will happen during anybody’s lifetime that will make them doubt it, but if you don’t hold onto faith, you’ve got nothing else. We’re all going to die. We have to take the time to talk to Him and form the connection. God isn’t a thing or a human being, God is just the world

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