Reduce your anxiety.   Embrace yoga.   Be bold. 

Seniors doing a group yoga class
Do you have yoga experience? No yoga experience? It doesn't matter. Our yoga program for seniors is designed around you.

Soothe Your Soul is a gentle yoga program for older people that’s intended to do just that – soothe your soul and keep you on track to enjoying an active and happy life.

Over seven sessions you will discover the many benefits of yoga on your health and wellbeing as you take part in gentle exercise at home. Experience relief from aching joints, back pain or arthritis. Improve your strength, balance and flexibility.


You might have a lot of yoga experience or none at all.  It doesn’t matter.  The program is designed around you.

All the asanas – yoga postures – can be successfully done in seated, standing or floor-based positions. If you are interested in seated (chair) yoga for seniors or standing yoga poses to improve bone density, Soothe Your Soul could be the ideal yoga program for you! Yoga exercises aren’t just about feeling better physically – relaxation techniques are key and can help to reduce stress or anxiety levels, as well as making you sleep better.

A qualified physiotherapist or exercise physiologist will conduct the sessions within your home.  All you need to do is clear some floor space so you can practice your moves!

Am I eligible?

Older people can apply for the Soothe Your Soul program under the Home Care Package (HCP) and Short-Term Restorative care (STRC).

Call Feros Care on 1300 090 256 for a quick chat so we can find out if you qualify.

What’s involved?

Your first at-home yoga session usually takes an hour and a half and involves an assessment so that we can tailor the program to your ability and your needs. From there, our qualified staff will drop by for another six sessions. Each session goes for an hour.

Is there a cost for the program?

This yoga program for seniors is available under the  Home Care Package (HCP) and Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) funding. This means you will not pay for the cost of the program itself but you may need to pay a contribution toward your care package. Don’t hesitate to contact Feros Care if you have any questions about how the program is funded.

How do I register?

You can register your interest in the Soothe Your Soul program by completing an enquiry form below.

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