Feros Care is governed by a Board of Directors to assist Feros Care in performing to its best potential.

The Board of Directors role is to provide governance and strategic direction and work effectively with senior management to ensure high quality care and service delivery. Feros is fortunate to have exceptionally qualified past and present Directors including existing and former company directors, finance managers, government executives, solicitors, hospital directors and business owners.

The following individuals currently comprise the Feros Care Board of Directors:

Jason Bingham, Chair

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Jason Bingham reckons that if his former teachers knew that he’d gone on to complete a doctorate in business or receive a national achievement award, they’d fall off their chairs.

The father-of-three recalls having little interest in learning, or career, until a chance foray into entrepreneurship while backpacking in his early 20's changed everything and sparked a lifelong love of business and its ability to create positive impact.

Jason’s non-traditional career path has included more than a decade in senior roles in the mining sector, honing his skills at balancing commercial needs, sustainability and community expectations.

Today, Jason is the Chief Procurement Officer for Australia’s largest carbon neutral government organisation as well as being a longstanding board member of a Brisbane-based philanthropic foundation.

“I’ve always had an interest in ethics, social justice and healthy, connected communities,” says Jason.

“I love working with organisations that have a strong purpose and dare to dream big.”

Jason was drawn to Feros Care by its people and values, at a time when he’d been personally thrust into helping navigate aged care options after his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“In nearly every organisation you find a set of company values, but truth be told it’s often almost impossible to tell them apart. Feros Care though is different, our values are unique, they’re edgy, and when you speak with our people you know they live them.”

“That gives Feros a powerful base from which to do good in the communities in which we operate.”

Colin McJannett, Deputy Chair

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Colin McJannett is involved with Feros Care for one resounding reason – it has heart. 

The Byron Bay resident, who has carved a career in people care across New Zealand and Australia at executive and governance levels, knows that if you want to provide social services you need to operate with compassion and give non-judgemental, caring support. 

“We also need to keep changing and evolving otherwise we’ll gradually become redundant and lose our relevance to our community,” says Colin. 

“The ethics are vitally important, as is the need to provide respectful care that meets the needs of each person – which is easy to say, but not always easy to deliver. 

“It often hinges on the demands of what needs to get done in a day and we’re aware of the challenges people face in achieving that. 

“Getting the balance right takes staff who are very caring, skilled and prepared to go the extra mile and Feros Care has these people.” 

For Colin, ‘growing bold’ is about creating a life that is fulfilling, enabling and continuing to grow beyond limitations. 

Colin sees Feros Care’s role as providing 21st century care through innovation, being responsive to the community and clients’ needs and continuing to operate with heart. 

“The Royal Commission has been a blessing and laid down some benchmarks which are good for the industry as a whole,” he says. 

“Feros Care is committed to exceed those benchmarks and we believe if you’re not prepared to do that, you should not be in the sector.”

Andrew Young, Director

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‘Respect flows through everything at Feros Care’ according to Andrew Young, a keen gardener who spends his spare time on Byron Bay’s Clarkes Beach with his wife, daughter and her partner. 

Andrew remembers Mr George Feros, the organisation’s founder, ringing his bell while raising money to open the Byron Bay aged-care facility that still stands today. 

“I admired Mr Feros and my mother-in-law was an occupant at Feros Village Byron Bay so we have some history there,” says Andrew. 

“I wanted to be involved on the Board because it’s a great organisation that delivers a great service.” 

Before joining the Board in December 2019, Andrew’s career included 24 years at Westpac bank, owning a mortgage fund, running a chicken processor and his current role as diocesan property officer for the Catholic Church.  

He also spent 18 years on the board of St Vincent’s Hospital in Lismore where his interest in health and aged care began. 

Andrew believes in ‘growing old gracefully’ and says Feros Care supports this philosophy through its respect for people - their friendships, their integrity and their way of life. 

“Caring is in Feros Care’s culture,” says Andrew. 

“It’s evident from the top through to the staff on the ground that there is a lot of caring, a lot of concern and a lot of consideration for the welfare of others. 

“There’s also good morale amongst the team, a good relationship between the executives and the board, and a transparent way of working, which makes for a very positive business.” 


Janet Quigley, Director

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Advocating for choice, high quality care and opportunities to contribute to the community is at the crux of why Janet Quigley became a member of Feros Care’s Board.  

After decades in the public service where she  spent 18-years  in the Commonwealth Department of Health investigating different models of care for people with chronic disease, undertaking community and sector consultations, and also leading national agendas on prevention, primary care and palliative care. 

“I wanted to take my knowledge of macro-level government policy and strategic planning and work with an organisation that is making a positive difference to people’s lives and the community,” says Janet. 

“I have been very interested in patient-centred care and Feros Care is a great example of how this can be done, and done well.” 

Born in Wagga Wagga, an interest in health care runs in the family. Janet’s mother was the deputy matron of Calvary Hospital and an active, passionate person in the sector; her sister is a nurse and her daughter is studying radiology.  

Stemming from her mother’s work, Janet believes the elderly should be considered a critical part of the community, deserving of choice and high quality care.  

“Feros Care’s values and ethos reflect my own in this regard, providing people with support and opportunities through consumer-centred care delivered to a high standard,” she says.  

For Janet ‘growing bold’ is about having an active life that’s full of opportunity.  

“Feros Care provides these opportunities and I’m proud to be part of such a highly skilled and dedicated organisation.”


Lynn Warneke, Director

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Lynn Warneke has a proud reputation and long history of championing professional inclusion, believing everyone should have the opportunity, means and support to participate fully in life. 

“I’ve worked for many companies throughout my career and so I can say with some first-hand authority that Feros Care is unique in its values and culture,” she says. 

“It is aspirational and values-driven, with abundant heart and an authentic customer focus, putting the care of older people and people with disability at the centre of everything.” 

With a strong social conscience and direct experience with elderly parents and family living with disability, Lynn has an acute appreciation of Feros Care’s core business, while her skillset buoys its innovation and growth ambitions. 

Her experience includes establishing a digital and user-centred design practice for Deakin University, and as Chief Information Officer in the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet on a digital program that saw her awarded seventh place in the top 50 Australian CIOs of 2020. 

Lynn looks forward to applying her extensive experience and skills guiding Feros Care’s strategic performance, while overseeing compliance and risk management, with a particular focus on digital resilience and cyber security.  

“The Board wants to ensure we provide a great staff and customer experience that’s enhanced by digital technology, not dictated by it,” says Lynn. 

“This is a challenge but also an opportunity to connect, support and serve our staff, customers and stakeholders in new ways, while remaining focused on people and staying true to our mission, our values and our heart.”  


Kathy Heathcote, Director 

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 Dr Kathy Heathcote has worked in the public health system for over 30 years and has spent at least half of this time working as a University lecturer. She has general nursing and midwifery experience and public health expertise, specializing in epidemiology, research methods and biostatistics.

Kathy holds a Masters of Public Health, Diploma of Applied Epidemiology and a PhD in traumatic injuries and disability. After many years working in large institutions at the government level, it was her PhD work that inspired Kathy to strengthen her connections with the community and apply her knowledge and skills in ways that are practical and applied.

She is strongly committed to addressing social and structural inequalities in health care and outcomes, strengthening the evidence base in this area, and continually strive for the best ways to translate evidence into practice.

Having lived in the Byron Bay community for over 25 years, Kathy has a strong understanding of the area and loves to make the most of it in her spare time. You’ll find her unwinding by swimming, cooking and taking her Golden Retriever for walks. 


Kristofer Rogers, Director

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Kristofer is a highly regarded social entrepreneur and technology leader. In November 2019, he was announced as the Start-Up Executive of the Year at the CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards for his role as launch CEO at Byron Bay-based Split Payments, the World’s first Open Banking Real-Time Payments Platform.

Prior to joining Split Payments, he launched two of Asia Pacific's most successful peer-to-­peer crowdfunding platforms, GoFundraise in Australia and SimplyGiving.com - Asia's largest online giving community operating in 20 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Having raised more than US$100 million for non-profits across the globe, Kristofer was the 2014 Regional Winner for Community Impact in Southeast Asia at Talent Unleashed, an international accolade judged by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wosniak, Co-Founder of Apple.

Kristofer presents on future trends in technology across the globe and is also a strategic advisor on fundraising and social impact for corporates and nonprofits. He lives in Lennox Head with his wife and three children.