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Virtual Social Centre

A vibrant online community of individuals just like you

We invite you to open up the door to the online world.

The Virtual Social Centre (VSC), previously known as the Virtual Senior Centre, allows you to meet people online, stay connected and have new experiences, all from the comfort of your home.

Feros Care employee showing cow to people in the Virtual Social Centre

There's something for everyone

Our sessions allow like-minded people to gather together online to do the things they love. Together we can discover and participate in book clubs, exercise classes, games and entertainment, and activities that stimulate your mind. We also offer information sessions on healthy living and technology. So, whether you are wanting to get active, get creative or just get talkative, we have something for you.

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Stay connected from your home

Our Virtual Social Centre keeps people connected with their community. We want to offer people the opportunity to have fun, be active in both their mind and body, and meet amazing people from across the country.

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Feros Care employee providing training to senior for Virtual Social Centre

We will help get you online

Getting online is easy. All you need is internet access and a device (computer, laptop or tablet) and we will provide the training. The program is simple in design and was created with you in mind. You will be supported with training that will show you how to join and participate in live sessions. You will also learn how to use other engaging features of the VSC.

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Hear what our participants have to say:
  • It is a horrible thing to feel stuck and like you can’t connect with anybody, the Virtual Social Centre helps with making that better...
    Australian Capital Territory
  • I am really happy that I have it. It means I can join in all the exercises and I can join the art and the chats and everything. It is awesome.
    Australian Capital Territory
  • I really value the Virtual Social Centre. It means I can have a social life from bed, which is important as I have chronic fatigue.
    Australian Capital Territory
  • I love it. It is fun. I like chatting with the ladies and the hosts are always so kind.
    Australian Capital Territory
  • Being mobility handicapped, getting out is a very difficult problem. This means we sit at home a lot but VSC offers an alternative – something stimulating to do. With all the different programs offered, and face-to-face chat with friends –it makes such a difference to our attitude, lifting spirits and being able to laugh with friends and keep the brain active. It has made me feel wanted, a valuable member of society instead of feeling that there was nothing left for me.
    Ann H
    Australian Capital Territory

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