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At 73 she’s still as passionate as ever about sailing. No matter what your passion is, we can help you live it.

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Why Feros Care
  • YOU FIRSTIt's not only your care that we care about
  • NOT JUST STAFF. PEOPLESometimes it’s the little things that can really brighten your day
  • SURPRISING SERVICESServices you might not expect like pet care, technology training, social trips and more
  • FRIENDLY TECHThere’s nothing like feeling safe, independent and connected at home...
Why Feros Care
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Technology innovation development Technology innovation can be absolutely critical for an organisation’s growth. How we harness its potential relies on identifying both the current obstacles and the future opportunities for business development. Read more
  • Holiday Tips for Caregivers when you’re travelling with your loved one With a little planning and scaling your trip to meet everyone’s needs, you can still get away and have an enjoyable time. Read more
  • No obstacles in sight Imagine starting out on a career in law despite others telling you it would be all too difficult. But you forged ahead and spent more than four decades teaching the tertiary subject. Now close your eyes. Read more

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