At Feros Care we value and respect every individual: team members and clients alike. 

Dozens of profile pictures of people from diverse backgrounds

We recognise the importance of life experience and are committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion across all of our aged care and disability services.  

By fostering a culture that’s rich in diversity, we unlock the full potential of our people and gain benefits such as greater innovation, different ways of thinking, high employee engagement, improved performance and a greater wellbeing for everyone. 

This is what makes Feros Care a rewarding place to work.

To uphold our values and remain the leaders of aged care and disability service excellence in our industry, the true nature of diversity must be evident amongst our team and across all levels of our organisation. This means ensuring our people and culture include individuals from different generations, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, backgrounds and various abilities.

Because the best results come from the collaboration of individuals who are unique and special in their own ways.

How does Feros Care demonstrate diversity and inclusion?

  • Creating a workplace that fosters an inclusive culture where people from diverse backgrounds, communities and people with disabilities feel valued and encouraged to participate.
  • Ongoing commitment to creating a work environment that embraces, encourages and empowers people with disabilities, diverse backgrounds and communities.
  • Providing a safe and supportive work environment where staff members feel confident to share that they have a disability or are from diverse backgrounds and communities.
  • Establishing a productive space where people feel safe to share their ideas and challenge the status quo, especially around our aged care and disability support services.
  • Offering training and coaching to enable managers to feel confident in supporting people with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds and communities. 

Read our disability employment strategy.

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