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As a leader in the innovation technology space, we provide clients with cutting-edge assistive equipment.

Want to know how to grow bold with technology?

We provide a range of technology services for your personal development to get you back to speed with technology devices, connect with your loved ones, or increase your quality of life at home. But we’ve also got the gear to keep you independent and safe in your home, on your terms.

From personal alarms, fall detectors to Smart Home technologies and more, our range of state-of-the-art technical equipment, and 24/7 support will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. We provide you with the best technology has to offer to keep you confident and independent in your home and engaged in your community.

Our products & services

Personal & Emergency Alarms

Want to get peace of mind and feel safer at home and on the go?

Telehealth Remote Monitoring

Want your health monitored by a Registered Nurse to feel more confident at home?

Smart Home Modifications

Want to make life easier at home with a Smart Home?

Let's Get Technical Service

Interested in personalised technology training, just for you?

Virtual Social Centre

Want to connect with others in our vibrant online community?

Tech Help Guides

Easy-to-use guides for apps, devices and other technology

Photo of Jean

Jean, 87
appreciates the independence

Living better with disability

Read more about how our Smart Home technology can make your life easier.

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Joyce holding a tablet

Joyce, 87
challenged the status quo
and loves it!

From fear of technology to admiration.

Find out how Joyce became more confident with technology.

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Photo of Lyn

Lyn, 82
says she has her life back

Healthy Life Program becomes life changer

Read how our Healthy Life Program empowered Lyn and changed her life.

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Photo of Colleen wearing personal alarm

Colleen, 81
feels safer and more confident

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Read more about personal and emergency response alarms and how they can reassure you to be safe.

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Photo of Robyn

Robyn, 80
does the things she loves online

Meaningful connections in a vibrant online community

Learn how you can follow your passion through the Virtual Social Centre and get to meet others who share that same enthusiasm with you.

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