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Life in our villages

At Feros Care Residential Aged Care Villages, we work on making life worth living by supporting you through the challenges that can come with ageing – loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

We know as well as you do that age is just a number. And it doesn’t have to define the kind of life you can live. Sure, ageing brings some challenges. That’s what we’re here for. Feros goes beyond the traditional institutional mind-sets. We don’t just recognise that everyone is different, with different needs; we embrace the difference. Every person adds another unique layer to our rich community.

Our villages are vibrant, caring and friendly. They are full of life, laughter and purpose. We don’t just want you to come live with us, we want you to come alive with us.

These are the essential ingredients for growing bold at our villages.

Positive living

Living in a Feros Care village is about exactly that – living!

Our goal is for residents to stay healthy, active and connected, both within the village and with their friends, family and community. We run the village, but the residents run the show. We respect each residents’ choice and decisions, and focus on helping them stay in control and live their lives, their way.

Food glorious food

One thing we all know is that good food is one of life’s great pleasures. And we also know that fresh, nutritious, delicious food is medicine for the body and the soul. We make sure our residents have a dining experience like no other – every meal, every day.

Our seasonal menus have traditional dishes, modern dishes, cultural cuisine and more. It’s all based on fresh, local produce, and tailored to meet the individual tastes and favourites of our residents.

Silver surfers

Our villages are technology hubs that use high speed wireless networks across the entire village. It’s not just to keep the kids and grandkids happy – it allows residents to stay connected with family and friends and enjoy interests and activities using whatever technology they like – tablets, computers, Segway robots, and whatever is coming around the corner.

The technology isn’t just about Facebook and weather reports, our eHealth facilities allow residents to access medical professionals on the spot with virtual consultations with medical specialist and doctors. Instead of travelling to specialists and doctors, our residents can have a video call consultation – all from their own living room.

Come as you are

We don’t want you to fit a mould – we want you to be you. We celebrate the uniqueness of our residents – their background, customs and the things that make them them. We understand each resident is an individual. We focus on how they want to live, and how we can help to make that happen. No matter a person’s religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or cultural values – we genuinely cherish individuality and welcome the richness that variety brings to village life.

Pet power

Whether they have feathers or fur, we know your pet is part of you, and we wouldn’t dream of sending them away.

Animals are embraced with open arms in all our villages and they are a big and important part of village life. They bring spontaneity, enjoyment and companionship to our residents (and our staff and visitors). And if you love pets and don’t have your own, each village also has a variety of pets that are a permanent part of village life, and we all get to love them.

A good life

While we are all about a big, full life, we are also realistic and know how important open conversations about death and dying are for our residents and their loved ones.

Our staff see their role in End of Life care as a great privilege. They are respectful of their place and are thoughtful, compassionate and sensitive to the individual wishes of the resident and their families.

Genuine care

It may sound corny but it’s 100% true. At Feros, we genuinely care about the happiness and wellbeing of our residents – and each other.

Our relationships are sincere, filled with care, fun, laugher and respect. All of us at Feros share the same passion for ensuring our residents come first with every decision. We see it as a great privilege to be a part of each residents’ life.

Celebrating ageing

We admit it – at Feros Care we’re biased: we love seniors. We celebrate them, appreciate them, and have huge respect for their lifetime of wisdom, experiences and knowledge. We relish being a place where residents can share their history and rich memories.

Our respect for our resident’s means we all participate equally in Village life and make sure every individual feels visible and valued.

Vibrant village life

There is a definite ‘vibe’ to our villages – a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere that runs through the whole place.

Residents, staff, pets, volunteers, family and visitors create an environment full of love, laughter and a peaceful, calm energy. The villages feel like a relaxing homestead, not a clinical or hotel setting. Feros is a place where everyone feels comfortable, relaxed, and right at home.

Grand Gamers

Our Residential Village residents took part in a study which focused on the cognitive benefits of playing video games among seniors. The research has resulted in Feros Care introducing a permanent gaming program to fight dementia.

To find out more about our Grand Gamers project, click here.


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