Working with Feros Care is a very rewarding experience.

That’s because, as a senior care and disability service organisation, we make a big difference for many Australians every single day.

But there’s so much more. We believe that well-supported and fulfilled people are more productive. So, in addition to working for a great organisation, Feros Care offers a range of both financial and non-financial employment benefits to our employees.

Take a look through the following employee benefits we offer:


Why not pay for certain expenses out of your gross salary rather than out of your net (after-tax) pay? Here is a list of benefits you could include as part of your total salary package:

  • Mortgage repayments
  • Rental payments
  • Personal loan repayments
  • Credit Card payments
  • Income Protection
  • Superannuation contributions*
  • Motor Vehicles**
  • Workplace modifications, equipment and software to accommodate your disability.

*Additional superannuation contributions above the Superannuation Guarantee Charge of 9.5% up to the concessional limit applicable to the financial year. If you feel like you would like to contribute more to your superannuation, you can by salary packing a further amount up to the concessional contribution cap of $25,000. You should seek independent financial advice and take into account your personal circumstances.

** If you’re eligible, you could salary package a vehicle, paying for it out of your gross salary rather than your after-tax income.  Not all staff have this benefit available so to find out if you’re eligible, speak to your manager.


If you join our team at Feros Care and have a disability, we ensure that your work environment, equipment and software is suitable to meet your individual needs so you can comfortably undertake all activities associated with your role.


Feros Care embraces a healthy work/life balance for its employees. We’ve partnered with over 40 fitness clubs to make sure employees can keep active and fit no matter where they are in Australia. We encourage our employees to attend fitness clubs that suit their location and needs, as most fitness club visits for employees are fully subsidised as long as you show your employee identification upon entry.


Great people know other great people! So, we like to reward our employees for referring prospective employees to Feros Care. If we employ someone who is referred to us by an existing employee and they complete the ‘qualifying period’, they will be rewarded with a referral bonus.


Continuous learning and development is part of the Feros Care culture.  Employees are encouraged to attend training opportunities internally at our staff meetings, conferences or participation in Seven Star or external development opportunities such as workshops, webinars and conferences. Opportunities for staff development are just a discussion with your manager away!


Feros Care provides senior care and disability services across six States and Territories within Australia. If, for whatever reason, you move location for personal reasons or perhaps you want to move for work, Feros Care will do its best to assist in finding you a new role within the organisation so you can relocate.


Looking for a job that offers flexible working hours? Feros Care has many jobs that provide flexible work arrangements when it comes to where we work, as well as the days and hours we work. Naturally, the flexibility needs to balance with the needs of our clients and the organisation as a whole – but there is flexibility available.


Are you someone that likes Fun Run events like The Colour Run, City to Surf or even the Ocean swims? Our annual Fun Run Swim Walk calendar includes all of our sponsored events. Put your hand up to represent Team Feros! Pop on a bright orange Team Feros shirt (we like to stand out!) and we will subsidise your entry fee. We can’t think of a better way to stay fit and represent Feros Care in your community than this!

Enterprise Agreement

Details of the Feros Care Enterprise Agreement can be found here.  
Feros Care, NSWNMA, QNMU and HSU NSW Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020


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