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Our disability employment strategy

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At Feros Care, it is our overall vision and philosophy to support people to live as independently as possible while fostering their connections to their family and the wider community.

We believe that by providing genuine and meaningful work opportunities, people with disability will have a greater opportunity to live an independent life, remain socially connected and be a valued contributor to our organisation and their community.

Feros Care’s Disability Employment Action Plan has been established to support this philosophy. This strategy focuses on increasing participation for people with disability in our workforce whilst fostering a workplace culture that eliminates systemic and attitudinal barriers and promotes social inclusion and acceptance.

The aim of our Disability Employment Action Plan is to achieve the following initiatives:

  • Increase employment opportunities for people with disability to work at Feros Care.
  • Create a workplace that fosters an inclusive culture where people with disability feel valued and encouraged to participate.
  • Ongoing commitment to creating a work environment that embraces, encourages, and empowers people with disability.

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