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Everyone says they want to make a difference. With us, you can actually do it.

Photo of Zahra - Feros Care Registered Nurse

People with purpose

At Feros Care, we’re all about helping Australian seniors and people with disabilities live bolder lives through our aged care and disability support services.

To do this, we need caring, encouraging and nurturing team members who embody our vibrant culture so we can continue to do what we do best. We strive to create a work environment that embraces, encourages, and empowers people of all abilities.

People rely on us and we rely on great people.

See how our team members live with purpose

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The real people behind Feros Care

The inside scoop on what we do


Smashing Stigmas. Building Careers. Transforming lives.

SMASHING is live!

SMASHING is a documentary series produced by Feros Care in collaboration with Ironbark Films, an all-inclusive filmmaking team.

This six-part series celebrates the achievements, growth and impact of aged care professionals in a sector often impacted by negative stereotypes and misconceptions.

Wondering what a day looks like for a Feros Care employee?

Check out our Day in the Life videos offering exclusive insight into what we do from the people who do it! Team members from across the organisation chat about their role, why they love working at Feros, and how they’re making a real difference.

Photo of Ammorie

Day in the life of Ammorie, Community Support Worker

Photo of Rianna

Day in the life of Rianna, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Local Area Coordinator

Photo of India

Day in the life of India, Enrolled Nurse

Photo of Kerry

Day in the life of Kerry, Aged Care Nurse

Getting under the hood! Stories from our people

We love ‘getting under the hood’ of our employees and sharing the stories, motivations, innovations, and achievements helping us make a big impact in the community. Get the downlow on what it’s like to be a Feros Care team member (spoiler alert – it’s not what you may think), and why we’re all so passionate about working in aged and disability care.

Feros Care Values

Values created by the people
for the people

People choose to work at Feros Care because our values align with theirs. Our values were chosen in collaboration with our team members, so that we could ensure everyone had they their say on values which mattered to them.

Game Changers - Innovators, not imitators. We are the powerhouse of reinvention. We reframe perceptions and challenge conventions.
Culture shapers - Together we thrive. Be bring our "A" game to every day. We build great culture and communities where everyone matters.
Dream Makers<br />
Powered by possibility. We create places where our customers' wildest version of what's possible comes to life.
Vibrant Creators - Positive and playful. We don't fit in, we stand out. Our energy is electric, our people are passionate and our purpose is real.
Kindness Champions - Committed to exceptional care. We give our time, energy, integrity and knowledge, but above all we give our hearts.

Work Perks

Still on the fence?
Check out our benefits!

We believe that filling a person’s cup leads to greatness both inside and outside of work. To ensure our team members feel valued, rewarded, and motivated to bring their A-game, we offer a range of exciting financial and non-financial employee benefits!

Diversity & Inclusion

Variety is the spice of life!

We don’t just support Australia’s rich diversity; we encourage, nurture, and celebrate it! In fact, it’s the unique mix of people we employ and their individuality which shape the extraordinary care experiences we provide. Fostering a culture of inclusiveness, we’re proud to be trailblazers in this space with countless initiatives and support programs to help our multifaceted team thrive in every way.

Photo of Feros Care team members preparing for the annual Feros Care Coolangatta Pride March
Feros Care team members in South Australia celebrating Harmony Week with Festival of Colour event
Photo of Feros Care executive and First Nation guests at Feros Care's Reconciliation Action Plan launch
Group photo of all attendees of Local Area Coordination Conference

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