Our values are not just words on a wall. They are unique to us and underpin our much bolder vision and aspirations for you – our clients, residents, participants, customers, consumers, and staff. Our commitment to involving both staff and clients in the creation of our values has ensured that our values accurately depict who we are now, and who we aspire to be. These values set us up for success, and ensure we remain relevant to our customers and staff.Feros Care Values: Game Changers, Tribal Shapers, Dream Makers, Vibrant Creators, Kindness WarriorsThe language used for our values is edgy, challenges the status quo, and is bold – it is exactly who Feros Care are and who we dream to be.

Each value is important in its purpose, powerful in its meaning, and aspirational in what we want to achieve at Feros Care. These values drive our behaviour, and as a result people can feel them when they work with us, visit us, or receive care or service from us.

These values set the foundation for all of us to achieve our best life’s work at Feros Care and underpin what is required from each of us to build a strong, positive culture and exceptional customer experience.



We think outside the box and like to explore new ways of doing things. We constantly seek new learning, looking for new opportunities and improvements at every turn. We speak up and challenge the norm in the spirit of always striving to deliver something better for our clients.

Game Changers are innovators nor imitators. We are the powerhouse of reinvention. We reframe perceptions and challenge conventions.