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On Track is the story and inspiring portrait of Alex, a female athlete whose determination and persistence helped her overcome a catastrophic car accident. Alex is now on the journey to rebuilding her life as a sprinter.

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Alexandria is an active 30-year-old sportswoman, para-athlete and health advocate.

In 2016, she was in a catastrophic car accident. This took a massive toll on her body, leaving her with disabilities that will be with her for life.

Not one to let anyone tell her she ‘can’t’, Alexandria was determined to return to the triathlons and the physical activities she was doing prior to the accident. She is committed to qualify for the chance to represent Australia as a sprinter in the Paralympic Games. With her fighting spirit she is determined that she will achieve this goal.



With a natural sense of narrative and a meticulous eye for detail, Mick is an emerging director known for captivating visuals coupled with genuine human experiences. Mick’s versatility as a director has proven essential in his work across commercials, drama and music videos.


Stefan José is an award-winning cinematographer. He has a unique style and approach to storytelling, and this signature style is infused in all aspects of his work. Stories are shared as a means of entertainment, education, personal narrative, political commentary and cultural preservation.


Coralie is a content storyteller, community explorer, curious crafter and obsessive organiser. She has an instinct for creative production, a strong ambition to make a difference culturally and environmentally in the wider community and around the world. She has international experience working with major production companies, budgets, brands and creative agencies.


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