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Plating Blind


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Nate is a fully trained chef. He also happens to be legally deaf and blind, but that’s never stopped him chasing his culinary dreams and becoming an inspiration to many in the process.

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Nate is a 33-year-old fully qualified chef. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 3 and by the time he was 8, he required hearing aids in both ears. At 16, his eyesight had declined to the point where he could not complete his HSC. Despite this occurring, he has always had a passion for food and made it his goal to become a qualified chef, which he has achieved. Nate has published a cookbook and regularly runs cooking demonstrations. He loves cooking with natural fresh ingredients and has many food heroes who do the same. He’d love to meet one of them one day. Nate has recently taken a job as a chef in a care facility where he performs his role as well as any other chef, just with a few extra pieces of equipment and resources.



Morgan is an Australian writer, director, producer and photographer based in the Byron Bay hinterland. His work spans narrative, documentary and fashion and builds on his extensive film industry experience, primarily as an assistant director, working across feature films, television commercials and music videos. In 2017 Morgan won the Australian Directors Guild award for best Direction in a Student Film for his short ‘Disabused’ and in 2018 wrote and directed the 30-minute featurette ‘Rider’, the opening piece of the three-part anthology feature ‘On The Move’, which premiered at the 2018 Beijing Film Festival.


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