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3 things you didn’t know you could spend your Home Care Package on

Aged care doesn’t mean retirement villages alone. Feros Care can help you regain confidence and independence from the comfort of your own home. Our Home Care Packages can support you with the essentials and the
personalised alike.

When it comes to aged care, things can often be confusing and many of us ask ourselves, “What can I spend my aged care funding on?”. The who, what, when, and how of aged care services can challenge the best of us, making
it easy and rather frustrating to get lost in a sea of information. Once you have access to a Home Care Package (HCP),
there are still numerous pathways to go down on, depending on your personal situation.

Some of the most well-known services included in aged care funding through HCP are housekeeping and nursing – however, there are a variety of other things you can spend your HCP on. You can see the complete list of what you can spend your Home Care Package on here, but below are three that you probably haven’t even considered before.

Technology – gadgets, devices and tools

It can get isolating sometimes to be in a position that doesn’t allow you to leave your home as much as you would like. Technology can support you in a lot of different ways, from helping you stay connected, allowing for online shopping or banking,
to generally making life easier. Feros Care prides itself on utilising the latest technologies to provide the best possible care – in and outside of the home. It only goes without saying that this applies to Home Care Packages too.

You can spend your allocated HCP fund on training and assistance with phones and computers, emails and social media channels such as Facebook, or banking and online shopping. Would you like to learn how to use Skype so you can keep in touch with your
loved ones? Don’t have the means to go shopping and would prefer to do it from the comfort of your home? Do you want to keep up to date with what your grandkids enjoy? Feros Care can help!

Before you get into the hustle and bustle of the online world, make sure you read our guide to safer mobile banking.

The Feros Care Virtual Social Centre lets you meet like-minded people online. The Virtual Senior Centre (VSC) is a vibrant online community made up of Feros Care customers like you. Through it, you can listen to or participate in a range of different
sessions: book clubs, special interest groups, guided exercise routines, art and craft workshops, discussions, and many more exciting activities that challenge and stimulate your mind.

Ready to connect? Click here to find out more about the Virtual Social Centre.

Besides the online world, there are also assistive technologies that provide practical solutions for everyday life activities, for example remote health monitoring devices that allow hassle-free health checks. This looks after all your health checks;
it includes glucometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, and live-in carer bundles. These devices automatically detect and report on your condition. Remote health monitoring takes care of the checks, while you get on with living.

Click here to see remote health monitoring options.

Personal & Emergency Response Alarms

While it’s best to get a Home Care Package once you know you need help, however little, you can never be too careful. Accidents happen unexpectedly. We are not always prepared for every situation. It’s good to think ahead and have peace of

One of the many great things that can be purchased as part of your HCP is a personal and emergency response alarm. Personal alarms come in many different forms – they range from basic to pro bundles and are made with both you and your loved one
in mind. Devices are specialised to specific conditions and circumstances and they provide 24/7 emergency response monitoring.

Our top Pick

Care@Home Alarm

The Care@Home alarm comes in basic, family, and pro, and it is a cost effective and easy to use personal health monitoring system. Care@Home Basic comes with waterproof pendant, the Care@Home Family is
best suited to families who want that little bit more assurance, or to a senior whose needs are more advanced, while the Care@Home Pro comes with added sensors and intelligent algorithms, as well as an app for monitoring. The Care@Home alarm is competitive in price, simple to set up, and can be easily upgraded to the packages that include
health monitoring or other extras.

Want to add a Care@Home to your Home Care Package? Easy, simply complete the contact form online or contact us on 1300 090 256.

Click here to see all response alarms. 


Sometimes all we need is a listening ear or a friendly face. Spending time connecting with other people helps reduce stress and anxiety, while providing a pathway to begin enjoying old hobbies and interests. Companionship can come in many different forms,
but it will always have a positive effect on those who connect. We understand and value the importance of relationships.

Companionship is available as part of your Feros Care Home Care Package. You can choose for someone to accompany you on trips to the shops, social outings, sport activities, or anywhere else you wish. You can go out for lunch, to the movies, or even to
visit family and friends. If you are not that comfortable out and about, stay home and cook or bake, play games, or simply listen to music together. Don’t be afraid to seek out companions – Feros Care is always here for you.

Not a Feros Care Home Care Package customer yet?

Our Home Care Packages suit different levels of care and all personal needs. If you are not a customer yet, call Feros Care on 1300 090 256 to speak with a member of our aged care

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