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From pen and paper to publishing books online

James is a passionate writer and publisher. The 93-year-old was growing up with pen and paper in his hand but eventually adapted to new technologies.

“I am writing every minute, every day. Many years ago, I was writing everything handwritten, now I am using my computer. I would have never thought this was possible.”

When Feros asked James if he was interested in joining Let’s Get Technical,
Feros Care’s technology training for seniors, James’ response was twofold.

“My first reaction was, I can’t do that; I don’t have time. I am too busy because I have a lot of work to do,” but James was still curious and decided to commence the training.

After signing up, James met his Technology Support Officer, who empowered James to acquire new skills and achieve his goals at a pace and learning style that worked for him.

James’ passion for writing and desire to educate about Absolutes keeps him busy every day.

“The amount of misinformation about Absolutes had to get out. I wanted to discuss it and get it out in the world.”

James was writing on paper for most of his life. He then transitioned to writing on the keyboard, built his own weblog, and even started publishing books online. Let’s Get Technical helped him acquire the skills necessary and become more confident
in managing his work digitally.

“The information I got from the training is invaluable for me. The way my Technology Support Officer explained it to me is fantastic. I am now more comfortable writing online, and it makes it easier for me to write on the computer. I acquired more
technology knowledge from the training, and it also helps me in trying to promote my books.”

“I don’t live with expectations. We don’t know what’s happening tomorrow. The training gave me comfort to be. I learned, and I now just do it. The knowledge became a part of me. While the writing is mine, the skill is not mine.
The skill is through Feros’ technology training.”

James now appreciates what technology can do for him.

“I would go nuts if I didn’t have the technology to write. As long I am writing and have the instruments and technology knowledge, that’s life-changing.”

After James excelled in Let’s Get Technical, he eventually published his book ‘Tales of Fiction and Fact’, which was created in collaboration with co-author and wife Jean Caldwell McMillen before she passed away.

While Let’s Get Technical is completed, James’ eager mission to educate about Absolutes is still on! “A million books have to be sold; until then, I’m not done,” he said.

With new confidence and a desire to stay on the pulse of technology, James became curious about other technology programs Feros offers.

“I had the technology training, and then I got more knowledge about it. I had no idea! And this helped me to be more open-minded with technology, so I signed up for Feros’ Smart Home Modifications as well. Now, it helps me turning on and off
the lights in the bedroom, and so many more things! It’s amazing!”

Feros is thankful for the kind words James provided as acknowledgement in his book and could not be any prouder of James and his accomplishments. His ambitions and curiosity to learn are wonderful examples of growing bold.

Kind words from James (Jim)

Dear Mallory,

This letter comes to extend my deep appreciation to Feros Care for all past and present services provided to me.

As a home carer to my wife Jean for some years, Feros Care at the end provided me with the strength and compassion to endure.

More recently it applies to the Samsung tablet and the accompanying Smart Home package.

In my declining years although I keep busy with my writing they both have opened a gateway to a new and wonderful variety of entertainment that brightens my life. In a curious way, they give value and stability to my writing.

Every reasonable action that we take sustains us and provides purpose and meaning to our lives.

It is a basic mandate of the Feros mentality and I am the grateful recipient.

Along with the packages I was provided with the technical expertise of Elliot and Branden to have them set up to suit my needs.

My special thanks to them both – it was a pleasure to have them here.

My heartfelt thanks for the generosity and kindness shown towards me,


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