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Georgie holding a clapper board

How Georgie is smashing glass ceilings to innovate aged care

When you think of tech geniuses”, the aged care sector may not be the first that springs to mind. And you’d probably picture a man at the helmMeet Georgie, tech wizard at Feros Care in Byron Bay, who’s smashing through these stereotypes like a wrecking ball. This isn’t just another anecdote of a woman in IT. This is Georgie redefining the game, proving that when it comes to tech genius, women aren’t just playing the game, they’re rewriting the rules. In a sector where tech’s potential is often overlooked, she’s a powerhouse, turning aged care into a digital frontier. Our six-part blockbuster series, SMASHING  doesn’t just tell stories, it launches a full-frontal assault on outdated perceptions. Georgie’s chapter? It’s a declaration that in the digital revolution, women are not only present, they’re leading the charge, transforming lives, and leaving those tired stereotypes in the dust. Get ready, because Georgie’s story is nothing short of revolutionary. 


Georgie from behind walking down the hall in the Feros Care office


A trailblazer in tech

Georgie was not only the first woman in the Feros Care IT team. She was the first person, period. And ever since that bold beginning she’s been redefining outdated stereotypes that say the world of Information Technology is no place for a woman. Georgie’s proving that the tech space is no longer a boys’ club, and that career passion doesn’t have to take a backseat to family life and motherhood, her favourite engineering accomplishment.   


Pre-tech dark ages

Back in her single days, like many young Aussies, Georgie went on a working holiday to London where she learnt the ropes in publishing. She eventually returned to Northern NSW to study hospitality and was living the life of a broke university student. Her role at Feros Care began as a side gig during university but grew into something much bigger. 


“I got a bit of a casual job at Feros Care. It was purely meant to be what supplemented me while I was at uni. However, the little aged care company that I was working with started getting bigger,” Georgie reminisces.  


When Georgie finished her Business in Tourism degree “the little aged care company” was expanding and setting up departments. 


“The CEO at the time, came to me and said, would you like to be the IT department, so I was like sure, I’ll do that for a little while.”   


“They put me through my quals which was meant to be an IT diploma, but I accidentally did the degree, and I’ve never looked back!” 


While Georgie’s career journey began as a side hustle while studying, the lure of software and cybersecurity had her hooked. Now a seasoned pro, Georgie is shaping the way aged care engages with technology. 


Code, culture, and changing the game

Georgie is not just fixing bugs and rolling out updates; she’s changing perceptions. Back in 2010, finding a woman in an IT class was like spotting a unicorn. Now, thanks to pioneers like Georgie, it’s a common sight.  


Georgie in the office with a coworker when she first started working at Feros Care


“I remember attending MS Certification courses and always being the only female, but it’s becoming more common place now which is great,” she says. 


And with Georgie leading the charge, she’s inspiring a new wave of diversity in the sector. 


Georgie lists “digitalising the client management system” as one of her crowning achievements. This wasn’t just a win for efficiency at Feros Care; it was a masterstroke that highlighted the potential of tech in aged care. And it led Georgie to become the face of what’s possible, presenting at conferences and sharing insights that would ripple across the industry. 


Georgie’s colleagues, like Hannah Raftery, admire her for her professionalism and personal qualities. 


“Georgie is absolutely an incredible person both professionally and personally. She’s always looking for solutions to problems.”   


When asked to sum her up in one word, Hannah says,  


“Inspiring comes to mind with Georgie. She’s so committed to providing value and outcomes to the company whilst also being a mother. And I’m hoping that I can follow in her footsteps as well.” 


Not only does Georgie inspire through her leadership, but she is also role-modelling to other young women that they can have the best of both worlds when it comes to career and family.  


Georgie with her son and daughter


Georgie, a loving wife and a doting mum to two-year-old Margaux and four-year-old Theo, comfortably balances her career and family life. Feros Care has been supportive of her journey, providing her with flexible working hours and the option to work remotely since her return from maternity leave. This arrangement allows Georgie to maintain a perfect equilibrium between her professional responsibilities and her role as a mum. It also means that Feros Care holds onto an asset to the business. 


Georgie is a familiar face on Teams, smashing her duties part-time, while also dedicating quality time to her young family. Before she starts her busy day, she loves her early morning surf sessions. This solitary time in the waves offers Georgie a peaceful moment to gather her thoughts and prepare for the day’s challenges. 

 Georgie at the beach with her surboard at sunrise


Supporting those less tech savvy

Georgie and her team are key players at Feros Care, providing the technological support and streamlined processes that are the backbone of everyday operations. Their dedication ensures that every member of the Feros Care family can perform their duties effectively, with reliable tech solutions. They automate the boring, repetitive tasks, giving the team more time for the important things that directly support clients. 


“It suits me down to the ground as it’s logical, black and white and has so much room to implement improvement for users every day,” Georgie explains. 


For those eyeing off a career in aged care, Georgie’s message is pixel-perfect


“I love what I do because I am personally invested in seeing the positive outcomes of our changes. It’s extremely fulfilling but there’s a massive need for more people, more talent in this industry.” 


“You’ll never get bored! And within Feros, there is so much potential to move into any realm you want – IT, software development, Finance, HR, Case Management, Marketing – they are willing to invest in you to help drive your career.” 


Georgie’s career in technology is more than just a story about a mum working in a male-dominated field. It serves as a source of motivation for anyone who has faced being pigeonholed or sidelined. Georgie’s story shows that it’s possible to shatter stereotypes, and redefine the typical, proving there is no glass ceiling. 


Georgie’s story has been brought to life in Feros Care’s groundbreaking new documentary series, SMASHING.  Each episode of SMASHING focuses on tackling a specific stereotype, showcasing diverse individuals within the aged care industry who defy expectations and transform perceptions.  Her story will be launching soon on YouTubeSubscribe now and set up notifications so you don’t miss her stereotype smashing episode.


Not your typical aged care worker? Good, because we’re not your typical aged care organisation.  

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