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Six quick tips for positive ageing

While it’s positive that you’re ageing, are you ageing positively?

A survey by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) has identified the common challenges to positive ageing involve maintaining health, fitness, social networks and activities; ensuring financial security; decreases in mobility; feelings of sadness and loss; and an increased reliance on others.

Here are six quick tips to help you achieve positive ageing:

1. Connect Regularly

Maintaining social networks through club memberships, working or volunteering, and keeping in touch with family and friends prevents isolation and promotes good mental health.

2. The Grey Matters

Keeping your brain active and alert can promote good mental health and positive ageing e.g. reading a book, learning a new hobby or problem solving (e.g. doing crosswords).

Reading helps to stimulate the brain which helps to keep you aging positively

3. Grow Bold Not Old

Manage your stress by thinking positively, setting goals, looking after yourself, doing physical activity, getting quality rest and eating well. Seeking support and sharing your thoughts with others and practising deep breathing and meditation will also help.

4. Stay Active

Regular physical activity is vital for improved health and wellbeing. It’s never too late – the human body will respond, regardless of age. Taking part in interesting leisure activities suitable for your physicality is an effective way to become more active. 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days, like walking, also helps.

It’s never too late – the human body will respond, regardless of age

5. Stay Regular 

Having regular medical check-ups and regular tests (e.g. blood pressure, dental) plus illness prevention such as not smoking and drinking excess alcohol can help reduce possible onset of chronic conditions.

6. A healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet will improve energy levels, make it easier to participate in daily life, maintain healthy weight and reduce the likelihood of conditions such as diabetes.

It’s true that making choices and having control over important aspects of your life, and participating in and enjoying activities, makes you more likely to feel good about yourself and get more out of life.

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