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Why Home Care is no place for games and exit fees

Feros Care proudly stands by its commitment to always support seniors live their best life and is therefore, one of the few aged care providers that does not charge clients an exit fee from their Home Care package.

From 27 February 2017, the government implemented changes to Home Care packages so people could choose their own service provider and mix of services. Known as Consumer Directed Care (CDC), this has given the power of choice to our more vulnerable people
in the community.

Is there a fee for changing Home Care providers?

When the aged care reforms were introduced early in 2017, there weren’t any guidelines around how much providers could charge for exit fees. However, according to Jennene Buckley, CEO of Feros Care, some providers have used this as an opportunity
to charge excessive exit fees if consumers change their minds or realise their current provider doesn’t meet their needs.

“It’s not like a game of Monopoly where you have to pay to get out of jail if you want to keep playing,” Jennene says. “It’s up to you if you want to, or need to, make a change to your Home Care package. Unlike some other
aged care providers, Feros Care’s Home Care packages have no exit fees.”

Does Feros Care charge exit fees?

“I proudly and boldly tell people that Feros Care does not charge exit fees for its Home Care services. We respect our seniors and their right to decision-making,” she says.

Our focus is on providing quality service and care so clients don’t want to leave us. We want our clients to have the flexibility and freedom to make their own choices about who provides their care and which services they will benefit from most.

“Feros Care strongly believes that people who opt to switch to a different provider should not be penalised for exercising choice.”

How to avoid Home Care exit fees?

Feros Care advises that people who are shopping around for providers should ask about exit fees so you don’t get a nasty surprise down the track and have to pay unnecessary costs that could be used instead for your home care.

What types of home care services does Feros Care offer?

  • Spick and span housework, laundry and spring cleans
  • Specialised nursing care for medication management, dementia care, and post-hospital support
  • Freedom and company to get to beauty treatments, bird watching, attend clubs and classes
  • Balance and strengthening through seniors fitness programs in a group or one-on-one
  • Easing the pain with pain management support and massages
  • Well-groomed lawns, gardening and maintenance
  • Transport to and from your medical and other appointments
  • Furry friend support for pet care and pet walking

How can I find out more about home care packages?

Feros Care can help people demystify the home care service process and better understand aged care fees and charges as they relate to home care package costs. Call 1300 763 583 and we’ll step you through the process of obtaining a home care package and information about how we can help you change your home care service provider.

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