When it comes to asking for some assistance, we know how much thought you’ve put into it. Feros Care understands that you are inviting us into your life and your home, so we think it’s really important that you get to know who we are. We want you to know from the very beginning exactly who we are and what you can expect from us.

The qualities that Feros is most proud of are:

It will always be You First

It’s not only your care that we care about, but your life. Your goals. Your aspirations. We put you first.  It doesn’t matter what service or program you’re wanting, our promise is to always find out what’s important to you and how you want to live. Then together we work out a plan of services to help you achieve your vision. It’s not rocket science, but it is rare. And it does work. Just ask our clients.

In our last annual survey, we spoke to over 3,200 of them and a resounding 99% said they were satisfied with the services we were providing.

Not Just Staff. People                           

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really brighten your day. Walking your dog. A nice meal. Skyping your grandkids.  A friendly chat. That’s why we go out of our way to choose staff who are passionate and energetic about what they do. We choose people who are sincere, filled with care and respect, and who can bring a little fun and laughter. Take for instance Meredith - one of our care workers – who brings books to her clients and runs a virtual book club with them. Another care worker Sally - knows a few of her client love music, so she sings to them while she’s visiting. And hats off to our care worker Karen, who knows her client Helen loves the races, so both ladies dressed up to celebrate Melbourne Cup together. It’s all about genuine care and genuine relationships. And these are just a few of the stories our clients regularly share with us. 

Photo of carer Ilka and client Arnim
Ilka and Arnim share a true friendship and connection over German folk music.
Read more about their story here.

Positive Living

We want you to go on boldly living a full life. So we give you the support you need to stay strong, healthy, active, socially connected, and involved in the things you love. We can support you to try new things, too. Like water “Young Ducks” exercise classes. Or computer or Internet classes. Or getting started at the gym. It’s your choice. And we never forget that.  

Surprising Services that will delight you

Alongside the services you’d expect, we have an ever-increasing number of services you might not. Can we help you with your cooking? Walking your pets? Or an in-home exercise program to help you feel great? Does taking care of you mean taking care of the shopping or spring cleaning? There are services for that. Or maybe there’s something special you’ve always loved to do, like fishing, going to the beach, or the theatre?  Then perhaps we can provide a companion to go along with you, so you can keep on enjoying it as well.

Carer fishing with senior on a jetty
Your carer could help you do the things you love.
Find out more about our range of services.

Friendly Tech

There’s nothing like feeling safe, independent and connected at home. And at Feros, we not only put great people to work to help you get that feeling, but the best of today’s tech. Chat with your grandkids over Skype on one of our senior-friendly tablets. Relax and feel secure, knowing that one of our automatic personal alarms is on the job if you have a fall or are too sick to get out of bed. Or keep a daily check on your health without having to leave home, using our remote monitoring system. It lets our Telehealth nurses keep an eye on your blood pressure, blood glucose levels, temperature and other vital signs, ready to give you or your doctor a call if they spot anything out of the ordinary.

Find out more about our services by calling us on 1300 090 256 or message us via our contact form