If you are concerned for your own or your loved one’s safety, then reassurance is the best medicine. It’s great to know that no matter what, help is always available at the touch of a button.

With the assistance of the latest technology, we are able to offer different personal and medical alarm solutions so that your loved one can live independently in their home, and you can rest assured that they’re safe.

  [email protected] BASIC [email protected] FAMILY [email protected] PRO
Establishment fee $99 $160 $160
Weekly ongoing fee $8.95 $14.76 $16.87
Base alarm unit
Standard emergency pendant Additional extra
Key safe  $50 $50 $50
Passive infrared sensor x2 (lounge room, toilet) x5 (lounge room, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen)
Door sensor x1 (front door) x2 (front door, fridge door)
Fall detector $4.95/week $4.95/week $4.95/week
Smoke detector $2.33/week $2.33/week $2.33/week
Voice-activated panic detector $4.95/week $4.95/week $4.95/week





A little extra peace of mind

Personalise your alarm bundle so that it reflects your needs and safety requirements. 

Fall detector

Everyone is prone to falls. Unfortunately, the older we become, the more serious falls can be. A fall detector is the ultimate safety-net. In the event of a fall, it immediately notifies the Emergency Centre.

Panic detector

Feros Care’s voice-activated panic detector adds and extra layer of security and can be triggered three different ways: by pushing the emergency button, pulling the cord, or by simply saying ‘emergency call’.

Smoke detector

Standard smoke detectors rely on you or someone to hear the alarm to respond. The Feros Care smoke detector communicates with the alarm and can notify our emergency response centre in case of a fire.

How does the [email protected] personal alarm system work?

When your pendant or base alarm unit is activated, our Emergency Response Centre team will attempt to make voice contact with you.

If this is successful, we will assess you your needs and arrange the appropriate services which may range from organising a friend or family member to visit, to the assistance of emergency services personnel.

If we are unable to make voice contact with you via the base alarm, we will telephone you at home two times to ensure the response system was not activated without your knowledge. If we cannot reach you by telephone, we will call for emergency services and your nominated emergency contacts will be notified.

Let's get started!

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