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What is the difference between NDIS and NDIA?

Although the ‘NDIA’ and ‘NDIS’ acronyms sound similar, their meanings are different. The NDIS is the ‘National Disability Insurance Scheme’ and the NDIA is the ‘National Disability Insurance Agency’. While
the NDIS is the scheme that supports people with a disability,  their families and carers, the NDIA is the government organisation that implements and manages the NDIS.

If you meet the NDIS eligibility criteria, you will receive lifelong support based on a plan (your ‘NDIS plan’) that outlines your goals, needs, and short and long-term aspirations. The funding that you receive from the NDIS is intended to help you live a more fulfilling and independent life, and achieve the short and long-term goals set out in your initial NDIS planning meeting.

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