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How the Virtual Social Centre’s clinical specialists helped Lorelle blitz her over 75 health assessment

Access to physios, exercise physiologists and much more – from the comfort of home!

Feros Care and Virtual Social Centre (VSC) client Lorelle enjoys staying active and understands how crucial it is to maintain good health.

She also acknowledges that as you age, moving your body becomes more difficult and in contrast, injuring yourself becomes a lot easier.

This is when an exercise class led by a clinical specialist, such as a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist, can offer significant value. For many people like Lorelle, however, finding time to visit a medically trained expert for personalised advice is just too hard.

Thankfully, she discovered the VSC’s online health and wellness sessions facilitated by experienced clinical specialists. She can pick and choose from a variety of classes based on her availability, plus skip the hassle and travel time.

And for Lorelle, along with many others, the results speak for themselves….

Online physio? Well I never!

When Lorelle first heard about the VSC, she was a little reluctant.

Like many people, she wondered how the classes would work in an online setting, and if she’d actually see any real health improvements.

“I thought, what on earth is this,” she laughs. “But I decided to try it and found classes like Total Body Workout that appealed to me, fit my health goals, and were on at convenient times.”

Anything but a one-size-fits all approach, Lorelle explains how the platform’s trained specialists can tweak programs to suit participants.

“They really watch what you’re doing and frequently change the movements if someone isn’t up to it, or if it’s proving to be a bit beyond them.”

“They always check that you’re okay with the different steps and moves. It’s really well conducted.”

The fittest of them all

Besides having fun and feeling energised after a VSC class, Lorelle was thrilled to hear her GP’s feedback after completing the over 75 medical assessment.

The glowing results exceeded her expectations and are a true testament to the platform’s qualified clinical team.

“They told me I was 2kg lighter than I was at my medical last year, and that I was the fittest patient in my category,” she says.

“My blood pressure is where it should be and all round, I got a big tick!”

Lorelle also recently went on a tour which was quite physically demanding. She was thrilled to discover her fitness and flexibility were on point, and that she could give the younger tour-goers a run for their money!

“It involved quite a lot of walking and climbing and I was the oldest by a country mile. That being said, I kept up with them which for me, was quite an achievement.”

As well as helping her prepare physically, the VSC sessions also gave her the self-assurance to commit in the first place.

“Without undertaking the Total Body Workouts with Danielle, I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to do the tour.”

Preventing injury

One of the main reasons Lorelle signed up to the VSC was to learn how to help avoid injury.

“They teach balance, flexibility, cardio, and strength to minimise the risk of falls. You also learn how to prevent situations which is what I really wanted. Things like walking backwards, balancing on one leg, and how to ‘walk your way out’ if you feel yourself falling.”

In addition to Lorelle’s favourite class, Total Body Workout with exercise physiologist Danielle, there are other popular sessions which contribute to injury prevention.

Also led by clinical specialists, VSC participants can enjoy the likes of Stability and Balance, Core and Pelvic Floor, Flexibility and Posture, and Seated Dance.

Worth their weight in gold

Lorelle has gained so much from taking a leap of faith into the VSC world. She encourages others who want to improve their health and wellbeing to give it a go, and let the clinical specialists do what they do best.

“Danielle (in particular) has been an absolute gem. I could start the Danielle fan club,” she laughs.

“They make a real difference and I like that I don’t have to travel anywhere to exercise. You can do the sessions while you have a load of washing going – and you can do them in your daggy shorts!”

What’s not to love…

To learn more about the VSC and check out the wide variety of sessions on offer, click here.

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