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Disability Employment Workshop in the Australian Capital Territory.

Feros Care’s inclusive workshops paving the way for disability employment

At Feros Care, we believe that when people work together, amazing things can happen. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing in our Disability Employment Workshops in the Australian Capital Territory.  

With the third series done and dusted, we’re super excited about the progress we’ve made with peer-supporting people with disability to find meaningful work. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

Over 78 professionals from different fields – such as employment, education, and advocacy – have joined forces at the workshops to tackle disability employment issues. In our latest workshop, 26 experts brainstormed strategies to make a real difference, and the passion in the room was incredible. 

Participants at a Disability Employment Workshop in the Australian Capital Territory.

“When organising the event, we prioritised assembling a diverse group to maximise the breadth of perspectives,” explains Jason Schmidt, Feros Care’s Employment Community Development Coordinator.

“By including individuals living with various disabilities alongside employers and employment services, we aimed to ensure a comprehensive approach that leaves no stone unturned.” 

Innovative outcomes for a brighter future

Our most recent workshop yielded two groundbreaking initiatives that promise to make a significant impact:  

1. Inclusive induction video: This resource is designed to help employers seamlessly onboard new employees with disability. By providing practical guidance and encouraging understanding, the video aims to create a welcoming and supportive workplace environment from day one. 

“Better preparing employees and employers at the start of their employment will build a culture of inclusion and success,” says Jason. 

2. Primary school classroom inclusion program: Recognising the importance of early education in shaping attitudes, this future program aims to instil values of inclusion and diversity in young minds. By celebrating differences from a young age, we hope to nurture a generation that embraces and champions inclusivity.  This program will be collaboratively scoped out in the near future.  

Empowering individuals with disability

Our workshops are unique in that they are attended by people with disability who are committed to creating opportunities for others with disability. By leveraging their lived experiences, these participants provide invaluable insights and perspectives that enrich the workshop outcomes.  

Objectives are focussed on growing employment opportunities, pathways to independence, professional growth, and job empowerment of people with disability. By working on developing real-life skills, our workshops emphasise the value of practical experience. This approach not only enhances employability but also boosts confidence and self-esteem. 

One of the professional participants noted, “Focusing on skills rather than just theoretical knowledge opens up so many more opportunities for young people with disability. It’s about giving them the tools they need to succeed in real-world scenarios.” 

Win-Win for everyone

Employers also stand to gain significantly from these initiatives. By embracing inclusive hiring practices, businesses can tap into a diverse talent pool, bringing in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. The inclusive induction video, for instance, provides employers with the resources they need to support their employees with disability effectively, ensuring a smooth transition and a positive work experience for all parties involved. 

“People with disabilities bring unique strengths, diverse perspectives, and unparalleled resilience to the workplace. Their contributions enrich our teams and drive innovation, proving that inclusion is not just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do.”  

Building stronger communities

The impact of these workshops goes beyond just employment. We’re promoting inclusivity, understanding, and acceptance in our communities. By starting with the youngest members of society in the early education initiative we’re shaping young minds for a future where everyone feels valued.  

Join us on this journey

As we look to the future, we are excited about the potential these workshops hold for transforming disability employment. The positive feedback we’ve received so far shows us the importance of these initiatives and the impact they are already having.  

If you would like to contribute to a co-design disability workshop such as this, you can find more information and express your interest here 

We also invite you to learn more about Feros Care’s disability services and to join us in our mission to create a more inclusive and supportive community. 

For even more information you can visit our Inclusive Employment Hub it’s a one-stop shop for resources that create significant change in the workplace. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for guidance, an employee seeking support, or an employer keen to see a shift, there’s a resource there for you – direct from our experts, partners and people with a disability making waves in their day-to-day lives. 


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