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How we work in co-design

The unique model that ensures everyone gets a say.

At Feros Care, we’re big on collaboration.

Our lived experience allows our team members to work in co-design with people in disability alongside peak bodies and organisations, influencing social policy and building capacity in communities, and working for further accessibility and inclusivity.

This approach works towards ensuring people with disability have full rights to access the services and supports available to other Australians.

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Feros Care Co-design Framework Booklet Cover

Co-design Framework

Feros Care is focused on empowering people to lead the change that they want to
see and believe that people with disability are the experts in their own life.

This framework sets out the ways our team will engage in co-design with people with disability.

Co-design Guiding Principles

Guiding principle one
Accountability and transparency

Feros Care will seek feedback and work together with participants and communities on creative and outcome-focused solutions.

Guiding principle two
Inclusive and accessible design

Feros Care will be a leader in building all-inclusive practices alongside people of all abilities.

Guiding principle three

Feros Care will embed in community to establish ongoing partnerships and develop strong opportunities to work together.

Guiding principle four
Safe spaces and safe people

Feros Care will learn from our communities and educate staff to nurture safe spaces.

Guiding principle five
Circle of Support

Feros Care will work with people with disability, families, friends and supporters to empower each to live their best life.

Co-design timeline

Graphic showing progress. It is entirely green indicating it is complete.

What we’ve done

Our Local Working and National Advisory Groups had 2 main objectives.

  1. Shape Feros Care’s practices and initiatives
  2. Co-design a resource based on the challenge: How can employers foster more inclusive workplaces?

Learn more about the insights each working group generated below.

ACT Local Working Group – Report     |    SA Local Working Group – Report

Mackay Local Working Group – Report     |    Townsville Local Working Group – Report

How we came to the Co-Design model

In 2021, we began reviewing and refining our existing consultation process to formalise our Co-design Guiding Principles.

This process included forming national advisory groups and intensive focus groups with a wide range of people with disability from diverse groups.

We collated all the feedback and themes and convened a national workshop that united people with disability, professionals from the community and Feros Care staff to understand the top themes that came out of the national focus groups.

This has since formed our seven Co-design Guiding Principles, which ensure we continue to hear everyone’s voice to create projects with the people they are meant for.

It’s all part of our ‘Nothing About Me, Without Me’ approach, which ensures that a person with disability takes part in every conversation about their life, their services and support.

Photos from co-design focus groups

Co-design stories

man with disability on train with train driver

“Try Before You Ride” has set a precedent for future initiatives, proving that with proper support and information, apprehensions about public transport can turn into confidence and enthusiasm. This event was a significant step towards empowering individuals and enriching their lives with the freedom and independence that confident travel brings. 

Raffy Sgroi’s life has been one driven by an unwavering passion for community engagement and the pursuit of meaningful change in our world.

A group of dancers performing at the Accessible Sports and Recreation Expo

The Accessible Sports and Recreation Expo held in the ACT provided a much-needed opportunity for people living with disability to engage with a large variety of sporting and recreation organisations.

Photo of Dylan McBurney

Activist Dylan McBurney has brought their wisdom and passion to the Feros Care Co-Design focus groups to contribute to the vision of a more inclusive society for people living with disability. Find out more!

Feros Care subscribes to the social model of disability, and Carly Hennessy believes that people are disabled by barriers in society that need to be removed to create equality and offer people more independence, choice and control.

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