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Smashing Midlife Career Change

Featuring Tony Gillespie, a Community Support Worker at Feros Care

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A Tradesman’s Odyssey into Aged Care

In this episode of Smashing, we follow the journey of Tony Gillespie, a former carpenter who transitioned into a successful career in aged care. Tony’s story challenges stereotypes and highlights the power of empathy and perseverance. From his humble beginnings in Australia as a tradie to becoming a Community Support Worker, Tony’s story demonstrates that it’s never too late to embark on a new career path. He brings compassion, adaptability, and diversity to the aged care sector, fostering genuine connections with his clients. Tony’s mission is to empower and create trust among those he cares for, proving that individuals can make a profound impact on the lives of others.

Not your typical aged care.
Not your typical aged carer.

People wanted. Feros Care embraces individuality and is now recruiting. We need more people like you to care for our individuals.
Photo of Zahra, Nursing Assistant at Feros Care, wearing black t-shirt and orange tank top with plaid skirt and thigh length striped socks. Zahra is holding her skateboard and standing in a cozy living room in low light.

Zahra F. Nursing Assistant Alstonville, NSW


Julian Neuhaus

Ironbark Films

Tarnya Sim

Feros Care

Photo of Daniel Coleman

Daniel Coleman

Photo of Michael Towers

Michael Towers

Photo of Tiffan Finn

Tiffan Finn

Feros Care

Get behind the scenes of SMASHING

Filmed across various locations, spanning from the Gold Coast – Queensland , to Metro West – Victoria, during a 14-day period, this initiative brought together Feros’ marketing team, Ironbark Films, and students from Bus Stop Films in a collectively crafted filmmaking project.

Partnering with students from Bus Stop Films not only provided students with valuable paid work experience opportunities, enhancing their skills, but also paved the way for individuals with disabilities to advance their careers within the film industry.

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Feros Care embraces individuality and is now recruiting. We need more people like you to care for our individuals.

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