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SMASHING is a documentary series produced by Feros Care in collaboration with Ironbark Films, an all-inclusive filmmaking team.

This six-part series celebrates the achievements, growth and impact of aged care professionals in a sector often impacted by negative stereotypes and misconceptions.

Enjoy these transformative episodes which explore sexuality, innovation, culture and inclusion, and showcase the opportunities available within this dynamic sector.

Through authentic storytelling and powerful narratives, SMASHING aims to transform perception by providing an accurate and promising view of aged care as a rewarding and fulfilling career choice.

Each episode of SMASHING focuses on tackling a specific stereotype, showcasing diverse individuals within the industry who defy expectations and transform perceptions.

By challenging these stereotypes and celebrating diversity, SMASHING challenges you to reevaluate perceptions and consider the possibilities within aged care.

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Not your typical aged care.
Not your typical aged carer.

People wanted. Feros Care embraces individuality and is now recruiting. We need more people like you to care for our individuals.
Photo of Zahra, Nursing Assistant at Feros Care, wearing black t-shirt and orange tank top with plaid skirt and thigh length striped socks. Zahra is holding her skateboard and standing in a cozy living room in low light.

Zahra F. Nursing Assistant Alstonville, NSW

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