Smart Home Technology

Photo of stick vacuum

Vacuuming is easier with stick vacuum cleaners. With their lightweight and portable design, you no longer need to worry about dragging your heavy vacuum around or unplugging the cord to move it to another room in your home.

Photo of Google Chromecast dongle and remote

Chromecast with Google TV. Get personal recommendations based on your subscriptions and streaming history – all in one place. No more jumping between apps to decide what to watch. And use the remote to search for movies and shows with your voice.

Photo of Google Nest Max

Make it easier, Google Nest Hub Max helps your busy family stay in touch and on track. And with the Google Assistant, you don’t have to lift a finger. Just use your voice.

Photo of Google Nest Mini

Your own personal assistant, ask it questions or tell it to do things; it’s always ready to help. The speaker you control with your voice.

Photo of Samsung Galaxy Watch

Track your health goals, steps, sleep, and much more with a smart watch. Experience the power of seamless connectivity with our range of smart watches, including the latest offerings from Apple, Samsung and Fitbit.

Photo of ECOVACS Deebot

Vacuuming is effortless with robot vacuums that learn your home, clean when and where you want and have custom cleaning controls. These robot vacuums uses floor tracking sensors to navigate your home. When its running low on battery it recharges and resumes right where it left off, ensuring a complete clean.

Photo of Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Connect with your family on the go, watch your favourite movies, access your favourite apps, games and much more with a tablet device.

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