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Autism and Neurodiversity
A foundational guide to self-advocacy

Building your neuro-kin community

Online Self-Advocacy course for people who are autistic and/or neurodivergent

Do you identify as Autistic or do you have similar neurodivergent traits such as ADHD? Perhaps you were recently diagnosed or looking to enhance your communication skills in a supportive, peer-led environment.

We would like to introduce you to our unique self-advocacy program – A foundational guide to self-advocacy.

These eight (8) online sessions have been developed in collaboration with renowned Autistic advocate and author, Yenn Purkis. As neurodivergent peers in the ‘neuro-kin’ community, the program is designed to spark conversations and encourage learning from each other. By coming together and empowering yourself, you will gain a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-advocacy.

These sessions focus on introductory self-advocacy with a supportive community to enhance your journey. Your outcome will be shaped by your unique efforts and commitment. Every step you take, no matter how small, is a valuable part of your personal growth and self-advocacy development.

Face-to-face program in Townsville, April 2024

Download the information sheet – face-to-face in Townsville

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We are also running this program online. The February/March 2024 program is full – please register your interest below for our next available online program.

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Photo of Madhavi McCathie

The empowerment from the course in that I absolutely deserve supports and accommodations has increased my confidence in speaking up for my needs, instead of masking and silently struggling.

Madhavi McCathie

Watch the video to learn about the self-advocacy program

Program Highlights

  1. Flexible broad learning

    Explore topics from understanding autism and neurodiversity and self-advocacy foundations to learn how to communicate your unique needs in a variety of settings, such as education, employment, and social.

  2. Interactive and engaging

    Engage with Yenn Purkis’ insightful videos and participate in peer discussions, all facilitated by our dedicated Feros Care staff allies.

  3. Helpful homework

    Utilise our comprehensive workbook for personal reflection and setting your self-advocacy goals.

  4. Building a supportive community

    Self-advocacy thrives in a community setting. A ‘neuro-kin’ network can be formed through these sessions, offering you the opportunity to forge lasting connections.

* This is not an academic or professionally funded course; as a non-profit, our resources are tailored to foundational learning. These sessions are ideal for beginners in self-advocacy.

Program Details

Eight (8) weeks


Weekly group discussion & video sessions + supporting homework


Upcoming February 2024 offerings:

  • 2 hour full sessions (Thursday Mornings)


  • 1 hour hybrid sessions (Wednesday Evenings)

This course is FREE of charge

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to autism, neurodiversity and self-advocacy
  • Knowing what works for you in your environment
  • Education and employment
  • Social connections
  • Accessing services
  • Lived experience as a driver of change
  • Practicing advocacy
  • Allyship

Yenn Purkis (They/Them)

Well known influential Lived Experience Author – Yenn Purkis is autistic and non-binary and has published a range of books with Jessica Kingsley Publishers since 2006. They actively speak at autism conferences and have increasingly spoken and written on autism and LGBTQ+ identities. Yenn has received the ACT Volunteer of the Year award for work in Autism advocacy. Yenn has over 30,000 followers on social media and has been working in this space since 2005.  Yenn has been a mentor to many Influential leaders in the Autism and Neurodivergent community with a large public presence. To find out more about Yenn see their website: yennpurkis.com

Feros Care is an NDIS Partner in the Community delivering Local Area Coordination (LAC) services in Far North Queensland (FNQ) , South Australia (SA), and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).  Feros Care is a people care organisation, committed to helping people live bolder lives through its community engagement initiatives and projects. You can check out our community projects here.

Feros Story

How the Feros Care online self-advocacy program helped attendees find their ‘neuro-kin’

Feros Care and Yenn Purkis delivered an online self-advocacy program for people with Autism and similar Neurodivergent traits, creating a safe place to share stories, validate lived experience, and connect with others on a similar journey.

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