At Feros providing genuine care is everything.  We choose our employees because they love working with seniors and see it as a privilege to do so. 

From our nursing, care staff to the positive living crew, hospitality to customer service, we’ve got fabulous, skilled and passionate people on our team. 

Here we give you the chance to find out a little bit more about them. 

  • Jan“Taking her for coffee and cake and buying a treat, seeing how happy she was to be out and about. ”
  • Leah“I love getting to meet all the lovely clients and trying to make their day just a little bit brighter.”
  • Noeline“I recently styled my client's hair. It took me five minutes but it made her day. ”
  • Eva“I love helping others that's why I became a care worker.”
  • Elizabeth“Being able to put a smile on a client's face when you knock on their door.”
  • Lynette“I like to greet the client with a positive attitude and give them the best possible service I can.”
  • Stevie“Seeing improvements in clients makes them happy and me. ”
  • Shelley“One of my clients has dementia and one morning she remembered my name. We cuddled and were both so chuffed!”
  • Jodie“I love making my clients happy by making them laugh.”
  • Claire“One of my clients was feeling bad after an operation. I saw some bright coloured roses and thought of her so got them for her. It made her day!”
  • Amanda“I have so many fond memories and doing little things to make their day is always nice. ”
  • Alison“I enjoy making our clients laugh.”
  • Margaret“I love that what I do makes a difference in people's lives and brings so much joy to me.”
  • Teena“One great memory I have with a client is an outing to Woolgoolga. We had morning tea at a Coffee Shop, then went to the beach to enjoy the fresh sea air. ”
  • Shae“I once showed a client on Google Earth the village in another country where she had spent many years. It was quite an emotional and wonderful experience for us both.”
  • Helen“To keep my clients happy and to help them stay and feel comfortable at home as long as possible. ”
  • Maria“I remember laughing hysterically with a client about a story that we shared. ”
  • Maralyn“One of my clients received a birthday card from her granddaughter and offered to read the words to me. It was very personal and I felt priveged that she would share this with me. ”
  • Mandy“I enjoy seeing a smile when I arrive knowing the client is glad to see me. It makes my day! ”
  • Michelle“On an outing with a client I drove her to the beach where she hadn't been since her husband had passed some five years before. She laughed, cried, we hugged and sat and had a great old time reminiscing.”
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