At Feros providing genuine care is everything.  We choose our employees because they love working with seniors and see it as a privilege to do so. 

From our nursing, care staff to the positive living crew, hospitality to customer service, we’ve got fabulous, skilled and passionate people on our team. 

Here we give you the chance to find out a little bit more about them. 

  • Photo of Ilka


    “I always try to get to know my client, so next time I see them I can talk about something meaningful with them. ”
  • Photo of Leanne


    “I love to make my clients laugh and brighten their day.”
  • Photo of Priscilla


    “One of my favourite memories is singing and playing tamborine whilst the client played piano. ”
  • Photo of Lisa


    “I love listening to stories and assisting clients to live life to the fullest.”
  • Photo of Cassi


    “I love meeting new people and seeing people smile.”
  • Photo of Sam


    “I love the feeling of leaving a client knowing I have done everything I can to make their day more enjoyable.”
  • Photo of Kat


    “General Life lover! ”
  • Photo of Sari


    “Hello - I look forward to meeting you!”
  • Photo of Fiona


    “I love supporting clients to achieve their goals!”
  • Photo of Debra


    “50+ years of life experience, common sense, empathy & compassion.”
  • Photo of John


    “A client was not able to properly clean and organise her kitchen. I was able to help her with this. She was so happy. It really made her day.”
  • Photo of Kim


    “I like to bring a smile and a friendly attitude, as well as have a laugh with the clients. ”
  • Photo of Tanya


    “For me the best thing about my role is enabling my clients to stay in there homes where they are happy and safe.”
  • Photo of Melanie


    “I once surprised my client with my quartet to sing Happy Birthday. I have also made a client cry when I cleaned their oven!”
  • Photo of Samantha G

    Samantha G

    “It's rewarding being able to provide services and care that clients enjoy. ”
  • Photo of Joann S.

    Joann S.

    “I once did a client's hair for an event. She was so happy to be looking so smart, it made my day. ”
  • Photo of Jenny B.

    Jenny B.

    “It's the small things you do for a client that can mean the most to them. ”
  • Photo of Tabitha J

    Tabitha J

    “I enjoy seeing my clients and making them smile.”
  • Photo of Jesusa


    “I love meeting new and interesting people, interacting with our clients. Love being able to assist them living independently in their own home. I learn through their experiences. ”
  • Photo of Carol T.

    Carol T.

    “I love making a difference in someone's day.”
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