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Our Carers

At Feros providing genuine care is everything. We choose our employees because they love working with seniors and see it as a privilege to do so.

From our nursing, care staff to the positive living crew, hospitality to customer service, we’ve got fabulous, skilled and passionate people on our team.

Here we give you the chance to find out a little bit more about them.

You’ll now find Daniel kicking goals working at a not-for-profit disability service provider, and he couldn’t be happier.  He secured the part-time job soon after the Feros Care Work Experience Program, armed with newfound professional confidence and a readiness to take on challenges. 

Feros Care Wellbeing Manager Russell Hargreaves standing in church wearing 'SMASHING' documentary series shirt

Wellbeing Manager Russ Hargreaves is many things – a minister, a valued part of the Feros Care team, a proud member in Feros Care’s Pride Support Network, and a leading advocate for the rainbow community, helping foster a culture of inclusion and acceptance.

The smiles that light up seniors’ faces when Russ Hargreaves enters the room say it all.

Feros Care Community Support Worker Katja Russell

Katja is redefining the ‘norm’ – and his clients love it! Picture this; a charismatic young male with a super cool name living his best life as a Community Support Worker. That’s right, we said a ‘young’ person – with an X and Y chromosome – who loves his job working with seniors. So, what made Katja Russell pursue a career in aged care, and do the people he supports really welcome someone outside the industry stereotype into their lives with open arms? You bet they do. 

Zahra, a young woman with bright coloured hair and a skateboard

One thing’s for sure, when you look at nursing student Zahra Fox, the words ‘aged care’ don’t exactly spring to mind. Eclectic, yes. Cool, for sure. Edgy, most definitely. Aged care worker…not so much. But, this bright haired, keyboard playing, snowboarding enthusiast is a part time residential care worker at Feros Care’s Bangalow Village. And in her words, she “wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

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