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Technology can make life easier, safer, and better in the long run. It can keep you living at home longer and help you regain independence again. Read on for our technology articles, industry insights, success stories, and find out how technology can and does help people every day!
Feros Care client and Let's Get Technical participant Yvonne sitting at her dining room table smiling with her iPad.

There’s a big digital world out there. With so many changes happening in the technology space, a lot of Feros Care clients are keen not to be “left behind”.

90-year-old Yvonne and 92-year-old Ken are two of those clients, so they signed up for Feros Care’s exclusive Let’s Get Technical service. The service assists seniors with accessing, using, and navigating technology helping the couple live an easier, more connected, and more fulfilling life. Here are three things they have learned!

Feros Care Home Care Package clients Faye and Graham smiling

Not only are these nifty devices a breeze to activate (all you have to do is talk!), but they help keep you safe at home and make daily life so much easier. Feros Care Home Package clients, Faye and Graham, can vouch for this first-hand, and “wouldn’t be without them”.

Clare and Graham smiling holding hands. Graham is sitting down and Clare is leaning down on his chair behind him

Just how helpful are our goods, equipment, and assistive technology (GEAT) products? Feros Care clients, Clare and Graham, say they are “game changers.” GEAT products include daily living aids like perching stools and one-tap can openers which have been invaluable to this delightful couple, as well as personal and emergency alarms and smart home technology.

At a glance, Rory is the embodiment of a typical 10 year old boy – brimming with energy as he indulges in soccer, basketball, biking, and playful tussles with his older brother. Yet, his first decade was filled with milestones that were far from the typical, including the ability to blow out his birthday candles. […]

As a young girl Eireann was a powerhouse athlete with diplegic cerebral palsy.  She was so good in fact that from ages 7-12 she reigned supreme as a Para Athletic champion.  Back then, Eireann’s NDIS support provided her physical therapy and community connection to chase her athletic dreams. 

Almost 10 years ago, Matthew Dumigan’s life was changed forever. At the age of 40, he sustained a traumatic brain injury which had a huge impact on his life and independence.

Matthew had very little understanding of what living with disability meant prior to his injury. He and his wife Lauren simply did the best they could with what they had – but without proper support.

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