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Let's 5 Loneliness

Five ways to stay connected during self isolation

Let’s 5 Loneliness together

Self-isolation is causing loneliness for millions of people and we all want to help.

Our Let’s 5 Loneliness campaign gives everyone, young and old, the opportunity to change a life (or more), with simple effective ways that we can all get through this time, together.

1. Make a daily 5-minute call

Call someone you know and have a chat. Set up a roster with other family and friends to make sure someone is regularly checking in to see if they’re OK.

Routines are so important at the moment; include a 5-minute call to part of your every day and make a truly meaningful connection. We’ve all said “we should call more often” but never have the time. Well here it is.

2.  Get online

The next best thing to being together is video calling face-to-face. There’s great free group video calling technology available such as Skype or Facetime. These apps and platforms are so helpful in making sure we connect. Not just for chatting; people are getting really creative with activities like cooking and playing games. Check out Feros Care’s Virtual Social Centre for a great example. If you or someone you know is struggling with using technology, here’s a great guide to learning how.

3.  Lend a hand or volunteer

Engaging in purposeful activity is a great way to combat loneliness and when we help other people, it takes our mind off our own issues.

There’s so much need for your help right now. Offer to pick up groceries for those who are less mobile or too worried to go themselves. You could offer to do an online shop, order a takeaway on their behalf, or walk the dog. We’ve created plenty of opportunities to volunteer virtually – contact us here.

If you’re feeling isolated this is a great thing to do. And of course, you can help someone else overcome their loneliness too. Be Someone For Someone!

4. Send a note of friendship

Why not make homemade cards, send postcards and letters or even post small gifts – so effective in cheering people up. Or you can join the Be Someone For Someone ‘1,000 Notes of Friendship’ campaign, by writing a letter or card.

We will personalise your letter for a senior and send it on to them on your behalf. Send an email to [email protected], if you’d like further information. For FAQs and tips on writing letters, click here.

Share any pictures or videos of what you’re up to by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter or emailing us at [email protected]

5. Donate today

We’re working harder than ever to fight loneliness during COVID-19 and it’s breaking our hearts to see people suffering in isolation.

Your donations will allow us to:

  • End the sadness of isolated seniors, by inviting more people to join in our much-loved Virtual Social Centre.
  • Provide basic technology and teach more isolated seniors how to use this to get online – to socialise as well as get access to vital services like banking and shopping.
  • Stop more seniors from being cut off from vital services and friendship through our specialist welfare check and befriending service.

Every dollar counts. Thank you for donating today.

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