Feros Care is maintaining an ever vigilant and long-term approach to managing COVID-19 for the safety of our customers, their families, our staff and volunteers. It is one of our highest priorities and we continue to take the direction of the Commonwealth and State Departments of Health as well as our peak bodies.

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      1. General Information as at 5 November 2021

        General COVID-19 Feros Care Response

        In 2021 we continue the vigilance to keep all staff and customers safe.

        We will continue to make sure our protocols, processes and proactive precautionary methods remain of the highest standard and incorporate the latest learnings from the Department of Health, our peak bodies and other aged care providers.

        Our own dedicated Emergency Control team will continue to meet and manage the coordinated approach -  at the ready in case the COVID-19 situation changes unexpectedly in any location.

        Over the last 15 months the  COVID-19 situation has moved quickly with changing advice and restrictions. We endeavour to keep everyone up to date on these changes and to respond appropriately.


        Vaccinations for care workers in the community/working in clients’ homes – as at 5 November 2021

        The State Governments in VIC, ACT and NSW have mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for all community care workers. Feros Care is complying with these mandates to ensure the safety of all clients and staff. However, whilst we have been anticipating these mandates and preparing for them for some time now to ensure ongoing delivery of services, you may notice some temporary disruption to your usual service times and care workers. Please bear with us while these changes are implemented, as we are doing everything we can to minimise any disruption. If you do have any questions at all regarding your services, please contact us on 1300 763 583 or via the MyFeros portal.

        Please check relevant websites for changing state and border restrictions. 

        Some of our key preventative measures to minimise the risk of transmission include:

        • Daily wellness checks of clients and residents for any flu-like symptoms supported by immediate reporting protocols
        • Wellness and temperature checks of any visitors or contractors entering our Residential Villages
        • Daily wellness and temperature checks for all direct care staff prior to every shift
        • Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] for all staff doing personal care services
        • Feros Care has sent clients in hotspot areas PPE packs directly to their home
        • Masks provided for all Residential Village visitors when visiting
        • Visitor restrictions for our Residential Villages as per Federal and State Government directives
        • Support for residents to have virtual visits using Skype, FaceTime, mobiles
        • Support for residents to have virtual GP or specialist consultations
        • Additional and higher grade premises cleaning
        • Increased frequency of infection control training and full-drill PPE put-on [don] and take-off [doff] sessions

        What else are we doing to support our residents, clients and participants:

        • A dedicated COVID Hotline for clients and staff – supported by our registered nurses in our Virtual Care Team
        • We have been conducting wellness phone calls to check in on our clients at home
        • We have been involving and consulting with our residents and their families on the ongoing situation
        • We support clients/residents to access our Virtual Social Centre which provides an online social connection platform where customers can choose their topic of interest to watch
        • We support clients/residents to access virtual visits from family so they stay connected
        • We provide virtual assessments, appointments and meetings
        • A comprehensive communication plan for families and customers over our website, our client portal MyFeros, newsletters, forums, surveys, hard copy letters, phone calls

        During this time, we would like to send a strong reminder to all of our customers and family members of the critical importance of frequent hand washing, coughing into crook of your arm, binning used tissues, social distancing and avoiding close contact with others if you are feeling unwell.

        For further information, we guide you to the department of health who are providing regular updates and information:

        Department of Health COVID-19


        Department of Health It’s OK to Have Home Care


        The department of health has also set up a special coronavirus help line
        1800 020 080

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      2. Residential Villages Information as at 01 November 2021


        • From 1 November visitation restrictions will change to allow 2 fully vaccinated people aged 12 years and over plus 2 children aged under 12 to visit a resident in a 24-hour period.
        • From 9am 31 October 2021 other health practitioners or students are not permitted to enter an aged care facility unless they have at least 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccination.
        • From 9am 4 December 2021 other health practitioners or students are not permitted to enter an aged care facility unless they have received their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine .
        • Staff are not permitted to enter an aged care facility unless they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
        • Fully vaccinated staff and visitors are not permitted to enter an aged care facility if they have returned from overseas in the last 7 days. They must have had a negative COVID-19 test taken on or after day 7 following their arrival.  Any other person who has returned from overseas is not permitted to enter an aged care facility until 14 days have passed since their arrival. 
        • Residents may leave the facility but must abide by  the Public Health (COVID-19 General) Order 2021.
        • Visitors aged 12 years and over must be fully vaccinated, or if under 12 years must abide by the rules below.

        For more details, please see the NSW government page for more details NSW government page here.