Feros Care is maintaining an ever vigilant and long-term approach to managing COVID-19 for our customers, their families, our staff and volunteers. It is one of our highest priorities and we continue to take the direction of the Commonwealth and State Departments of Health as well as our peak bodies. 

      1. Residential Villages Information as at 29 June 2021


        NSW Health has directed that from 1 June to 30 September 2021, all staff and visitors aged 6 months or over entering a residential aged care facility will be required to provide evidence that they received a dose of the 2021 influenza vaccination.

        UPDATE: COVID vaccine roll-out

        The Primary Health Network has advised of our vaccination provider and dates to administer the 1a Pfizer Vaccine to our residents who have provided consent across our three Villages.

         1st dose2nd dose
        Wommin BayCompletedCompleted
        Byron BayCompletedCompleted

         See the COVID-19 Vaccine information here.


        • All staff and visitors must wear a surgical mask. For reasons when masks can be removed please see additional advice. 
        • Only two visitors should be allowed each day per resident.
        • Visits should be in the resident's room.
        • No visitors are permitted from Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour).

        Visitors must not enter the facility at all if they:

        • close or casual contact locations
        • have COVID-19 symptoms
        • are a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19 and are within their self-isolation period
        • live in a household with a person who is currently self-isolating
        • are waiting for a COVID-19 test result
        • (from 1 June to 30 September 2021) have not received a dose of the 2021 influenza vaccine.

        Please read Exceptional circumstances for visiting an RACF.

        Please see the NSW government page for more details here.

        Byron Bay – Jo Cooke 0413 247 435

        Bangalow – Peter Rurii 0448 567 382

        Wommin Bay – Bridget Merrit 0419 826 732

        You can also call our own Feros COVID-19 help line on 1300 045 480 with any COVID related questions. It is available 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

        For further information, we guide you to the department of health who are providing regular updates and information:

        Residential and Aged Care Workers


        Residents, Family Members & Visitors



        The department of health has also set up a special coronavirus help line 1800 020 080.

      2. General Information as at 29 June 2021

        General COVID-19 Feros Care Response

        In 2021 we continue the vigilance to keep all staff and customers safe.

        We will continue to make sure our protocols, processes and proactive precautionary methods remain of the highest standard and incorporate the latest learnings from the Department of Health, our peak bodies and other aged care providers.

        Our own dedicated Emergency Control team will continue to meet and manage the coordinated approach -  at the ready in case the COVID-19 situation changes unexpectedly in any location.

        Over the last 15 months the  COVID-19 situation has moved quickly with changing advice and restrictions. We endeavour to keep everyone up to date on these changes and to respond appropriately.

        Please check relevant websites for changing state and border restrictions. 

        Some of our key preventative measures to minimise the risk of transmission include:

        • Daily wellness checks of clients and residents for any flu-like symptoms supported by immediate reporting protocols
        • Wellness and temperature checks of any visitors or contractors entering our Residential Villages
        • Daily wellness and temperature checks for all direct care staff prior to every shift
        • Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] for all staff doing personal care services
        • Feros Care has sent clients in hotspot areas PPE packs directly to their home
        • Masks provided for all Residential Village visitors when visiting
        • Visitor restrictions for our Residential Villages as per Federal and State Government directives
        • Support for residents to have virtual visits using Skype, FaceTime, mobiles
        • Support for residents to have virtual GP or specialist consultations
        • Additional and higher grade premises cleaning
        • Increased frequency of infection control training and full-drill PPE put-on [don] and take-off [doff] sessions

        What else are we doing to support our residents, clients and participants:

        • A dedicated COVID Hotline for clients and staff – supported by our registered nurses in our Virtual Care Team
        • We have been conducting wellness phone calls to check in on our clients at home
        • We have been involving and consulting with our residents and their families on the ongoing situation
        • We support clients/residents to access our Virtual Social Centre which provides an online social connection platform where customers can choose their topic of interest to watch
        • We support clients/residents to access virtual visits from family so they stay connected
        • We provide virtual assessments, appointments and meetings
        • A comprehensive communication plan for families and customers over our website, our client portal MyFeros, newsletters, forums, surveys, hard copy letters, phone calls

        During this time, we would like to send a strong reminder to all of our customers and family members of the critical importance of frequent hand washing, coughing into crook of your arm, binning used tissues, social distancing and avoiding close contact with others if you are feeling unwell.

        For further information, we guide you to the department of health who are providing regular updates and information:

        Department of Health COVID-19


        Department of Health It’s OK to Have Home Care


        The department of health has also set up a special coronavirus help line 1800 020 080.