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What Should Bring when Moving to a Village?

When you’re moving in with us, bring:

  • at least three sets of clothes that have been labelled with your name or initials.
  • Any prescription medications that you take
  • Any books or magazines that you enjoy.
  • Be sure to bring some photos so you feel like you’re at home.
  • A small amount of money just in case you want to go to hairdresser or out on bus trip. (When you book your residential stay, the Village Care Manager will go through this in more detail.)
  • A mobile phone, laptop or tablet (if you have them)
  • Contact numbers of family and friends
  • Any specific equipment that you use such as wheelie walker, walking stick.

We also gradually build on items as you settle in, depending on what you want and what makes you most happy.

We supply all your linen and bedding but some people do like to bring their own.

We also supply an armchair, bed and bedroom furniture, however, some people prefer to have their own bed and/or chair.

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